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    Hey everyone, as it seems I have an extra burger I cant get rid of xD IF anyone wants to trade me for it lmk :) I love priceless and promo btw ;)

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      I’m assuming you mean the burger costume alpineleopard?? (lol just making sure) I have watermelon hat, pink diving bell helmet and bottoms, cave explorer shirt, hat, skirt, shoes, and heeled shoes. (some people say promo is any e-store stuff you can trade, and some say it’s something else, so I don’t know if what I have is worth the costume, though I know all of them are from e-store, and watermelon was from mystery bags)

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        Hey i’m interested in the cave skirt and hat, and the watermelon hat. I can always add a bit if you still have these for trade :)

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      No no no no, I mean burger costume xP,

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      Bgos, a burger is a W-shop food which costs 12 KC, but sometimes given free through care rewards. Do not trade with Alpineleopard promo for it!-Atom -You can if you want but it wouldn’t be a good deal. But you can always gift!

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        I meant the burger costume, which is an estore promo clothing. I am not a scammer so please don’t insinuate that :(

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        As the Grinch say’s Wrong-O. Burger is the Valuable Promo Cheeseburger Costume. Alpineleopard is NOT a scammer. She is a very nice person and would never do that to a person.

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        Um, I think they are referring to the Cheeseburger Costume.

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      I have burger LOL

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      Whats a burger?

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