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    Hey everyone, as it seems I have an extra burger I cant get rid of xD IF anyone wants to trade me for it lmk :) I love priceless and promo btw ;)

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      Umm….sorry but some person has been giving three burgers away to everybody so like EVERYBODY in the trading room has it now. Its very low now. I got very very very lucky when I got one for shuts.

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      Thanks for sticking up for me and not hating me for this Lamb!-Atom

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      okay now I know that it’s the costume (lol above comments were awaiting moderation, as well as your most recent comment, so I couldn’t see what they said.)

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      No need to get in a fuss everyone – LOL. Atom, I am sure you didn’t know that alpine leopard was referring to the piece of promo clothing called the cheeseburger costume. There is also a burger in the w-shop, but that is not what she meant. Alpine, no one will think you are a scammer, it was just a mistake. Merry Christmas everyone! Lamb

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      Oh, thanks for the clearification Alpine and Becky. I am really sorry if I insulted you. I never saw a burger costume and assumed. I should have let the long time WW players have their say! Sorry so much. And Becky, you probably hate me but I have a forum honoring you and some other people. Please check out Gifting TO YOUR BEST FRIENDS!-Atom

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        Lol it’s okay, I just got freaked out ;)

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