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    Hello, everyone. If you are here, I assume you own a cheeky dog, or several (!) possibly another type of cheeky pet, also. My daughter just gifted me w/ a Pink Punch Cheeky Dog, and boy am I stuck. I really can’t tell if this sweet pet looks more like a boy, or more like a girl. Will some of you “cheeky” owners tell me what type you adopted and what gender you think it looks like when you play w/ it in WebkinzWorld? Do some of you wish you could switch the gender? Anyone w/ this specific pet, I’d really like your advice. I LOVE this pet! Want to see it playing around WWorld! Thanks, Y’all!

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      I know you already put it on but I made mine a girl and named her Lillie.

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      Thanks, belle, for the response. Can’t believe no one else did. I went ahead and made mine a girl, since the plush is parti/pink. and named her Cherry Berry Chuckles! She’s so cute! Thanks, again. BTW we are “friends” :) I am charlestonian and noonesfriend.

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      mine kinda looks like a boy

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