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    I have the chic city top for trade!
    To @ladygaudiel: So I think a good trade would be the chic city top for the Ghost Pirate’s Hat and Happy Pirates Portrait. But I also want the Amethyst Geode and the Celestial S’more Campsite so this is a forum where we can figure trades for those 2!
    To everybody else: If you see @ladygaudiel please tell her I am waiting with a forum!

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      Hi guess my earlier reply didn’t go through. I would love to see your list!

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        Oh ya replies aren’t going through very much. It is probably hard for Ganz because there have been so many. So I don’t need the amethyst geode anymore and I believe you have already traded the campsite. But I looked on some other forums and saw that you also had the rock climbing shoes so I need those, the ghost pirate hat and the happy pirates portrait. Here’s what I have: Full zodiac air outfit
        Charm fairy top
        Charm fairy skirt
        Bramble circlet
        Charm fairy leggings
        Baby blue skirt
        Blue capri pants
        Candy tank top
        Cherry tank top
        Camo tank top
        Gold loop belt
        Pink beret
        Springtime leather skirt and I have more clothing but I will just go to items
        Nibbles’ Camcorder
        Chili’s chili crockpot
        Waffle’s waffles
        Chef Gazpacho place setting
        Deluxe clock
        Bouquet of balloons
        Buffalo cave painting
        So please tell me if you like any of these. Thanks! :)

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      Hi LambTyler i don’t need the city chic top anymore but the ghost pirate hat and happy pirates portrait are still available as well as the amethyst geode (need good offer). Can we work out a new trade for all of those items? The campsite is currently on hold for some people who posted on my other forum. If none of the trades workout i’ll let you know. Thanks! ~Gaudi

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        Ok hi again Gaudi, so what would you want for those 2 adventure park items? Unfortunately I don’t have adventure park items to trade for them. And for the retired exclusives I could offer rare items… If you want I can make a list and we can go from there? Thanks :)

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