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    This is a party for all! The party may or may not be on Saturday December 14th. I’m still checking. I will keep you up to date here. It will be a house party and there will be stuff to do in between games. Please dress in Christmas attire!

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      I dont know for sure. The party may even have to be after christmas. If ANYONE wants to suggest a time OR date PLEASE do! I really hope I can pull this party together. Thanks for you patience. ~Agentequ~

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      Hey there!! Me and My sister love parties so how about adding Aprilsix and froggyis10. That would be great!!!! What time on Saturday??

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      I will see if I will be able to come! Friend me at frogsandfly. Would the Red Pajamas in Kinstyle Outlet be okay or the Green SantaSuit my friend sent me-Atom

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        Hi Atom! Anything you want to wear is fine as long as it has something to do with christmas.

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