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    Hi! :D This forum will run until Christmas. On Christmas Eve, I’ll announce the winners. There will be three winners drawn. If you’re not drawn, you’ll still win something. ;) I’ll announce the prizes when this comes out of moderation. Merry Christmas!~SC

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      Hi! This is a really cool idea! My user is kbk100. :)

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      Hey friend well sign me up and also got your package ready but will wait until Christmas eve

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        Hi Snow! I have your present ready too. :D I’ll send it when I receive yours. Merry Christmas~SC

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          XD well will send on Christmas Eve Gotta head out soon me mum is currently taking a shower and then we go out to the shop and stuff… So Anyways bye also got other friends to do as well for example WebkinzPlushLover and her brother and sister. So many people so……….. When I type this one week until Father Christmas comes we have our tree up all I need now is me stockin and then………… Although Christmas is about giving not reciving also for my raffle I mean post a fact about the holiday you celebrate cause I didn’t want those who celebrate Haunakau or Kwanaa to feel left out

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            Yeah. :D That’s a good idea. I can’t wait to see what I’m getting on Christmas day too! :D :D :D Oh, If anyone on the forums is wondering who Father Christmas is, it’s the British name for Santa Claus. :D

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              Yep I hope no one gets mad also probally gonna wanna save me kinzcash

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      To all My Webkinz friends……. Merry Christmas !!!!!!! I hope everyone has a safe , happy holiday filled with friends, laughter and joy. God bless everyone . ibotbur (my webkinz user name)

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        I like your username! It sounds so cool. :) I’m fascinated with robots and technology kinds of things and The Sharper Image store: I love that store, but they’re not in my state anymore. :(

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      cool! I feel so bad I didn’t draw you in my raffle. :( I’m sorry, but I’m hoping you’ll enter in my other ones. You’re such a generous and wonderful friend! ;) your friend JesusismyLord

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      Haha that is sooooo cooL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ! first comment!!! Merry christmas this was a reallly cool idea! Happy Holidays!

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        The post is for everyone: I TOTALLY FORGOT to put this. * sorry * :P. Whoever isn’t friends with me, PLEASE tell me your username so you can receive your prizes. Mine is VBS123

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          I think I am friends with you, but my user name is bgos. Thanks you are so generous!

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