Desperatly in need of Nafaria’s purple slippers!!

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    Hi!!! I’m looking for Nafaria’s purple slippers. My best offer would be: Polka dot hoodie, wild watermelon shirt, torn jeans, rock jacket, shuts, seashell shoes, blue floral dress, and aqua blue belt. Its not much. Sorry. But PLMK if you want to make a trade. My username is nemo1443. Bye!!!!!

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      ill give it for something anything you want. preferably not wild watermelon T. I’ll add in for the torn; polka dot hoodie, almost any card collector clothing, almost any regular cave explorer, amythest tiara, tru luv face paint, trading card game almost anything, almost any zodiac, a lot of PSFs, bunny bow hat, rockerz punk pants, rainbow hat, magical forest top hat, pop star dress, or candy tank top. I’ll trade the slippers plus any two of those. PLMK asap!

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      Hey I don’t have nafaria slips but I need the seashell shoes! Do you think we can try to figure out a trade for them please? Some stuff I have is gold loop belt, glam girl coat, leopard tank top, camo tank top and lot’s more! PLMK :D

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      hey ocean! im interested in your shell shoes, i have been looking for them for ages, and i can trade the slips. my un is greyhound02 ~dancer

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      Hi nemo, how many accounts do you have? LOL By any chance are you also friend 2day? I don’t know half the “friends” on my phone. Anyway, I can send the slippers. I have extra. Just need a note in return, I very big on manners. LOL DF

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