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    Hi! There are some rare items I’ve been wanting, so I thought I’d create my first forum! Here’s my wish list: Halloween hat (aka purple spiderweb witch hat), Orange Camo Army Shirt, Rare green elf hat, POTM Crystalline Pond, POTM Flying Saucer, and POTM Volcanic Geyser. Items I have to trade: Samauri Armor Stand, Golden Hippo Fridge, Contessa Candle Lamp, Time Machine, Webkinz Crown of Wonder, Stone Temple Walls, Golden Oil Lamp of Persia, Pile of Persian Pillows, Aztec Pyramid Wallpaper, and Kinz Style Shop clothes. Reply if you want to trade :) !

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      (0)(0) <— U know u want some of these! How about u add them 2 ur wish list instead?

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      I have crystal pond but I want psi. -KASSUZY

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      By kinzstyle shop clothes, do you mean clothing machine clothes? I have the sparkly silver suit pants, patched denim jacket, toy soldier coat and hat, cowgirl dress, toga, and a beautiful blue ball gown. Please reply and say what you have to trade for this.

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        These are KinzStyle OUTLET clothes that you have, Blueice881, not Kinz Style SHOP. And I’m trading the clothes to people, not asking for them. P.S. Sorry it took me so long to reply. My computer doesn’t always work right so sometimes stuff I post doesn’t show up!

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