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    I have the Designer Dress from Spree! for trade. I would really like to have the Northern Lights Bed, the Husky PSI. please reply if you would like this offer!!!!

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      Thank you Dogfish! i was not expecting that and the extras were a nice surprise too.. ~Texas Longhorns

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      ok sorry, i didn;t know people replied. i am just wanting it because well, i had it on my old account and sold it several years ago not knowing it couldn’t be retireved. i am also looking for the dalmation PPSI it is a firetruck. ~Texas Longhorns

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      What else do you want besides PSIs?

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        Hi Angel, I don’t need your dress, but I will check and see if I have that bed. Not sure, it is kinda old. If I have it I’ll just send it to you, nothing needed in return. Maybe if you tell me what kind of room you are making, I may have another bed you can use. OK? TTYL DF

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