does anyone have jingle bell slippers for trade?

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    i am looking for traders with jingle bell slippers. for trade i have rare items, shuts, a spring chic dress and you can request items that you want. i also want plushies and bobble heads. i am getting sorta desperate looking for someone in the trading room to trade the slippers so please reply.

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      i will try to start a trading forum but can we stick mostly to the topic? sorry!

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      Sunny, I need the 2005 jingle shoes. My webkinz username is the same as on here. add me and find me in the trading room sometime. i am sure i have something you need for those shoes.

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      hi can i be in it

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        sure! do u have ideas as to what you would do? also i am in the trading room kinzchat plus a lot so i do not always have the same stuff sorry to dissapoint some people but yes sunny i would love to have those shoes. and to you auen if you want to help me get the plush bear that would be awesome just a suggestion! reply asap!

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      If you are reffering to the 2005 item jingle elf shoes then i am stocked with those if you have a fair offer.

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        ooooooooooooooooooooooh i would like thoose

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        Sunny I really need those shoes do you think you could donate a pair, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!! :D :D :D

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      i will give you it for the shuts. add my webkinz username spotpuppy2000

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        sorry but i dont need it anymore not to mention i dont have shuts anymore either. sorry. all i really need is violet hang around pants and holiday tubby tummies plush. thanks!

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