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    I’m making a town in my webkinz house, and I’m looking for the puppy patrol car, rapid rescue fire truck, and the ambulance exclusive item. I will post my trade list later. If you have any or all of these items for trade, you can post some items that you want in return as well. ;)

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      Good afternoon, LambTyler! :) Oops! LOL! I didn’t know that was your wish list. And no, I didn’t find anything else on your trade list. Thanks for the offer, though. ;) Have a sweet day!

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        Thanks for looking and you too! LT

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        Hi sweetcupcake! I know that you didn’t see really anything on my list you liked, but I was wondering what you would want for the corn husk doll. I can offer almost anything, just let me know what you would want. Thanks, LT

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      yes i do but i don’t want to trade cause my pal wants the truk,car,ambulance

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      I have the ambulance. Do you have a trade list? Let me know, LT

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        I recently posted my trade list on Aquamarinekatsuma’s signature/e-store trading forum. ( sorry- it was a lot to type. It took me half an hour to type all that and search my dock.) I might be trading with jewels250 though, but you can look at my trade list anyway JUST in case. ;)

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          That’s ok if you are trading with jewels. Just tell me if the trade doesn’t work out. I am super interested in your corn husk doll though, but it is worth more than the ambulance, so maybe you could take a look at my trade list and tell me if there’s anything else you like. I also like your moolah stepping stones and the trufula tree painting. Let me know. Thanks, Lamb P.S. My newest trade list is called my long overdue trading list.

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            Ok! If the trade doesn’t work out, I’ll let you know. Most of the items on my trade list are extra items I have ( including the corn husk doll. I have 3 extra ones). I’ll visit your trade list when I have time. ;)

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            Hi LambTyler. I just looked at your trade list! ;) Do you still have the victorian gown?

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              I should of asked this in the previous post, but do you have the victorian hat, too? If not, that’s ok.

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              Hiya sweetcupcake! I don’t actually have the Victorian gown, you might have accidently looked at my wish list instead of my trade list. Is there anything else you are interested in? Lamb

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      Hi! I have all 3 items for trade. I’m looking for any new Psi’s and retired decorative items. PLMK, thanks, JEWELS

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        Hello jewels250! That’s great! :D Sorry, but I don’t have any of the new psi. :( What retired decorative items are you looking for?

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