Does ANYONE know the Neon Tutu clothing recipe??!?!

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    Hi guys, cutefinn373 here! I have been recently having a LOT of trouble trying to find out the neon tutu recipe. i would like you guys to leave some suggestions. If someone comments, i try and it works, i will post another forum of someone finding out the recipe, and giving it to ya’ll! i will also give tribute to that person on that forum.( ______________ <- some ones to be tribute.)

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      While I do not know it, I can say a few things. First, a lot of people believe that the black vest is in the recipe since in a hint it says “blast in the past clothing” and the black vest has a description like that. (It was on Ask Plumpy Hints or something like that lol) We have found out that black vest + fff (florescent flip flops) + everything = pw (patchwork) So most likely fff is not in the recipe. Also, neon wig is probably not in it because Ganz wouldn’t be that mean to have an that’s not able to be get 24/7. Also, black vest + retro rainbow belt + everything = pw, black vest + ruby slippers + everything = pw, black vest + ballet tights + everything = pw, black vest + rainbow boots + everything = pw. Good luck and we must figure out this recipe It’s been two years! Ganz should give us another hint and/or the whole recipe!

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