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    So I might need other objects in the futer but right now I am collecting pieces for the space theme. I am doing the curio shop one but was wondering if any of you have: Earth table, moon lamp.

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      Hi snowflake queen. I’m sorry but I don’t have those. I am looking for them too. Mom probably already said this but they are very old and retired so they are very rare. Sorry, and good luck! Lamb

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        Okay, I hope you get them as well. I meight figure out a way if I can’t find any that are for trade that I could impravise.

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        HI all, sorry to say I have them, but they are not for trade. There a very few items I won’t trade or gift but the table and lamp are two of them, sorry. Cupcake, I am low on bed boxes right now, will get more soon. Sorry about your friend and the princess bed, but I only had one and was and am using it. DF

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          Okay. Thanks for letting me know. Learn Somethin’ new everyday

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            HI GG, I got the dresser in the TR years ago. A really great friends sent me the lamp. I gave up and bought the table. I don’t really know how hard they are to get these days. The lamp is so small, you have to hunt for it in the room. I just wanted the complete theme for my cow, Cosmo. Sorry, I can’t help. I was shocked when someone sent Mom the lamp, and felt bad that I didn’t have extra. But you can’t have every item in the world sometimes. Hope you liked your red dress, DF

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              Thats fine so on a hunt for it now *action music comes in* see ya round’ webkinz. And thanks for letting me know about the lamp. How do the others look. I look at it as do they look good or not. Hmm…… I think I will only look for the table. I will do something instead. When the room is finished could I show you what it looks like?

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          Hi dogfish! Cancel my bed order. ;) My friend is talking to me again, they forgave me, and we’re buds again. Actually, they’re super nice to me now, and this will never happen again. I was looking through my dock, and found a princess bed that I won’t use plus I just realized that the next pet I’ll adopt( probably my corgi ) will be my 30th webkinz adopted, and I’ll get another gift box! I’m so excited! :D Thanks for being such an awesome friend!~Schweetz

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      Sorry GG, I do not have extra of these. I only have one of the tables on my account. I was actually given a moon lamp for the boys space rooms by another great gifter. Hope you find your items though. ~MORHB~

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        I was just wondering cause I know the three of you have the odd items so I figured try you three first……………………………………………………………….,…………………………………

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      Hi Snowflake, I do not have the two items I listed but i can help look for some pieces to the theme. I saw them on WI and I think they retired in 2009. Good luck getting them! I am looking for a few items to finish that theme up. I am almost done. Oh and the wacky clay sculpture looks good in there. Anything I can do to help would be fantastic, just let me know. Also do you need Wacky 600 Trophy? I have an extra, maybe you can put that on a pedistal. TTYS-Atom

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        I have that one already. I wanna get the bits from the curio shop on me own. But thanks for the offer

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        They actually retired in 2010. I am really surprised that Lamb, DF, and Mom don’t have any for trade!-Atom

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      Hi Snow! Is it ok if I post a wish list here? I was going to make another wish list forum to dogfish, but when I saw this one, I changed my mind since forums take a while to appear. dogfish, do you have an airplane super bed( for my fox terrier Snowy )and princess and the pea super bed? I need the princess bed a lot for another friend of mine who wants it a lot, and I think they’re mad at me for not sending one to them for Christmas. :’( Another reason why I think they’re upset is because I told them that I could send it because I thought I had an extra super bed gift box, but I don’t, plus they’re not talking to me. Oh, and if they don’t want it from me, I’ll just send it back to you. I’ll let you know. Happy New Year!~Schweetz( my new name. I still use SC, but MORHB called me sweetz once and I liked it. I changed it to Schweetz because I like Vanellope Von Schweetz from sugar rush. :) ) I also like Adorabeezle Winterpop, Crumbelina DiCaramello, and Snowanna Rainbeau.

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        That is fine

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        Also if she isn’t talking to you for something like that then she isn’t a true friend. Keep in mind you have true friends. I think your friendship is the best of all. ROFL (River of flowing love. Quote from atomton) Snow

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          It can mean that or Rolling On The Floor laughing. I like River of Flowing Love better.-Atom

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            Hi! :D They’re talking to me again and forgave me. What I meant by them not talking was actually a TOTAL misunderstanding. Oops. :( I thought they stopped talking to me because 1. I didn’t get a thank you note for another gift I sent them 2. I posted to them and got no reply. Then I just thought…wait a minute…something’s not right here…maybe they don’t go on all the time and didn’t even see my post, because they’re super nice to me and to every one else too. They also never told me to leave them alone. Ever. And they still treat me like a best bud. So sorry about all this drama. If they see this I’m REALLY sorry. I won’t say who it was. I guess I’ve been super busy last month, I had so many piano performances to do, and I just didn’t have time to think about all this. But they are really super nice. I regret typing all this about them. :’( *sigh*~Sweetzie

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              Great- SNOW

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              Also if the person reads this (just incase) I thought she meant a real live friend. Kinda like how you try talking to the person and then they completly ignore you.

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            XD me to for some stuff

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          okay so I thought I had typed this insteadd of I think your friendship is the best of all. I thought I put: Your friendship is the best gift of all.

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      Alsospace dresser

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        This is VERY hard to find. I don’t have this piece either. ~MORHB~

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      Thanks for the facts atom

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      Oops I made a mistake. I can’t believe 2010 is that far back. Forgot it is 2014. Sorry. :( -Atom

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      I know it is cool. I love looking there

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      Arte is so off, they also tell you if it is deluxe or not. It has saved me at least 10 times from buying a rare I already had because I don’t remember what I bought or not months later. LOL! This gives me time to decide and see if I should use my KC or no. I also love the newz thread because if I experience something wrong it is usually a top story. I am not a member there, just a researcher. TTYS-Atom

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      I keep thinking it is 2013. I can’t wait for summer

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