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    Hello! I think it’d be cool if we had a place to give items we might not want to those who might need them. So, anyone who has stuff to give away, please make a little list here. If this goes through, I’ll make a list of the stuff I have (but its kinda small at the moment). Thanks for stopping by! –Maddie :)

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      Here is my list of donations: Friends 4 ever heart chair, Powerful pedestal, 2 Gold modern vampire belts, Chocolate ribbon, Alyssa cookie, Magic forest travel poster, 2 Scorpio symbol wall decorations. Remember to tell me your un! Mine is friend2day

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        Hi chillylily, if you still have the heart chair I would like it! my username is same here and I think we are friends already on WW. Feel free to look at my list again!

    2. #827222


      Hey Maddie, I would like the Luminorb floor lamp please. Thank you! My un is friend2day

      • #827798


        Hey Lily! Just sent the dress: enjoy! –Maddie :)

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      Thanks, maddie, for the dress! I just got it. I have a donation list: 1 turquoise hoodie, 2 tap dancing shoes, full frog prince costume or seperate pieces, bee shoes, pink pony sparkle dress, fast food waiter outfit and visor, fall cabbie coat, 2 250 kinzcash coins, 3 50 kinzcash coins, 30%off w shop coupon, 2 20%off wshop coupons, 3 cat tunnels, 20 pumpkin seeds, 4 sparky bobblehead toys, 2raziel plush toys, 4 wacky zingoz 600 trophies, webkinz friends calming candles, 4 fire log baskets(holiday 2013), 1 apple basket, 2 principal office windows, 2 pressed leaf wall plates, 7 cinnamon stick houses, fall festival place setting, 5 glowing fall lanterns, 3 bunny clowns, 3 bouquet of marigolds, 6 autumn rake wreaths, and 2 pj collie plushes. Anybody may have as much as they need. I also have a little contest for a witch’s brew bathtub(black cat psi), guess a number between 1 and 10, the first person to come up with the right number gets it. Have fun!-calitigertuxedo

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        Hey calitigertuxedo, I would like 5 pumpkin seeds. Thank you! I would also like to enter the contest for the bathtub. My guess is 8! And my un is friend2day

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          Hi Cali! I’d like to have a pair of tap dancing shoes and a wacky zingoz trophy. My UN is the same as here. Thanks so much!

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            Sorry, cutieny, for getting back so late. I will friend you and send them over :)!

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          I will send you the seeds, 3 today, two tommorow. Your guess was so close! thats a hint for other people. But I will send you something cool for entering anyways. -calitigertuxedo

      • #827423

        Hi, I would like the frog prince costume if you still have it (whole costume) Thanks! And 3.

        • #829904

          Sure, I will add you and send it over :). If 3 is your guess, sorry! Its higher!

      • #827788


        Hey calitigertuxedo! Do you still have the webkinz friends calming candles? I really need them. My user is Narnian100. Thank you so much! ~Narnian100 aka SnowBell~

        • #829706

          Hi narnian100, i do and will friend you and send them over :)

      • #827796


        Hey CTT! Any fall prizes you can spare would be great, cuz I got zero of those. If you don’t have any to spare, that’s absolutely fine. ;) –Maddie :D

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        Hi Cali. If you have an extra Wacky 600 trophy, I would like one please. Also if you still have any marigolds, I would like one of those too. Thanks! ~MORHB~

        • #829902

          Im pretty sure I have both, and will add you and send them over :).

      • #830495


        Hi, Calitigertuxedo! I would love the frog prince hat and shoes, if they are still available. I’m hoping to complete my costume, LOL! :-) My username is Ilse2010. Thanks for reading!

    4. #826884

      I have 30 extra panda shirts from the perfect time for pandas promotion that I’m willing to give away for free. Does anyone want some?~SC

      • #829129

        Hi SC. I would like 2 shirts please. My UN is the same as here. Thanks! ~MORHB~

        • #829672

          Hi MORHB! You’re welcome! I will send the shirts ASAP. Have a sweet day!~SC PS:my username is VBS123

          • #829881


            I would love two panda shirts too please. I am guessing this was a promotion from before I started playing and I love Pandas :) So jlmk if you have any left and thank you so much! crissy135

            • #830452

              Hi cutie135! Don’t worry. I have 28 shirts left. I will friend you right away and send the two shirts. :) My username is VBS123. Have a sweet day!~SC

      • #830494


        Hello, SC! I would love two shirts, if you still have them. My username is Ilse2010; I’ll send you a friend request. Thanks!

      • #830719

        3 panda shirts please and gonna go through my dock now bye

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      Hi! I also would like a Movie Star White Dress if you still have any. Thanks much! My UN is the same as here.

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        Hi cutieny2008! I sent a friend request to the same user as here: hope I got it right. I’ll send over the dress ASAP. Thanks! Enjoy! –Maddie :)

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