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    Hello! I think it’d be cool if we had a place to give items we might not want to those who might need them. So, anyone who has stuff to give away, please make a little list here. If this goes through, I’ll make a list of the stuff I have (but its kinda small at the moment). Thanks for stopping by! –Maddie :)

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      hi KoalasRock2000! could you send me the fairy ball gown, sweet superstar mic, and the rabbit kinz banz wall art? i am making a band room and i like pretty dresses so…… thanks! my UN is kaka2102!

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      need orange army shirt?

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      Hey Jewels! I’m so sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier, but as I said earlier, I am very interested in your estore promos for trade. Please let me know if you have a wishlist somewhere. :) Oh, and I was wondering if you had the neo gothic dress or the swan princess dress or the pop star dress from a few years ago? Any of them would be fantastic! I’m so very sorry if I’m asking for too much, just let me know if you need anything in return. Oh, and can I send the gnarled pumpkin table to babetteab? I think I sent an FR a long time ago. just let me know ;) . Talk soon! –Maddie :)

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        Hey Maddie, sure no problem, I’ll post today. I would love the pumpkin table if you still have it. I will try to put a list together tonight for you. Thanks, JEWELS

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