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    Hello! I think it’d be cool if we had a place to give items we might not want to those who might need them. So, anyone who has stuff to give away, please make a little list here. If this goes through, I’ll make a list of the stuff I have (but its kinda small at the moment). Thanks for stopping by! –Maddie :)

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      Hi Maddy. I would like your Fizzy Licorice Soda and Bottle of Hot Sauce. I’ll send back a white dress so you can fill your requests if you like. I will make a small list of items soon too. ~MORHB~

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        Hi MORHB! I’ll get you a fizzy licorice soda, and send it over today, but I just sent out my only bottle of hot sauce. :( Sorry about that! But, I can probably get you one by next week, because usually, I only get the food items from that app wheel. Hope you don’t mind! And its absolutely fine–I actually had two of those dresses by some miracle, so I was able to fill in those requests. But thanks for the sweet offer! –Maddie :)

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          No problem. Thank you for the items you sent. Have a great weekend! ~MORHB~

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      Hi Madukayil. I love this idea. My daughter has extra of both the modern and vogue vampire costume pants and tops, but if anyone has extras of the purple vampire shoes and veil she didn’t get those and would love them. Thanks her user name is 5447472.

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      maddie, if you still have the Movie Star White Dress, i would like to have it…UN jami912

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        Hi Jami! I’ll be sending it over ASAP, and if you’re not on my friends list, please expect a friend request from Madukayil. Thanks for stopping by! –Maddie :)

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          Oh Jami! Thanks so much for the sweet gift! I actually was looking for those outfits, and had no clue where to find them. I’m so glad I finally got one–it looks fantastic on my pet! But, you honestly didn’t have to send anything in return, although I really appreciate it. ;) Thanks so much, and let me know if you are ever looking for anything else! –Maddie :)

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      I would like your movie star dress of you still have it! I will also post a list here too soon.

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        Okay CTT! Will get one out to you as soon as I can. Thanks for stopping by! –Maddie :)

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      Hello again! So, I’ve made my little list, and soon, I’ll be redecorating my rooms so I’ll hopefully come across a few more things. And, I only have one of each item, unless otherwise indicated, so please keep in mind that other people might need some stuff too, and I’d really appreciate it if everyone would ask for max. two items. Don’t forget to leave your username, or you can add me @ Madukayil. Thanks for stopping by! –Maddie :)
      Luminorb Floor Lamp
      Cream Coloured Table
      Blue Modern Vampire Pants
      Movie Star White Dress
      Butterfly Fairy Dress
      Butterfly Fairy Sandals
      Cowboy Mini Boots
      Vampire Movie Poster
      Scorpio Wall Symbol (4)
      Gnarled Pumpkin Table (2)
      Fireplace Tool Set
      Hay Bale (2)
      Classroom Wallpaper
      Canopy Carpet (2)
      Alyssa Plush
      Porcelain Tea Set
      Academy School Binder
      Movie Poster Set
      European Flare Shades
      Fizzy Licorice Soda
      Bottle of Hot Sauce

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        Hey Maddie, I would like at least one pumpkin table if you still have it. Thanks so much! UN is spikeythornedroses

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          i most definitely do have that! i’ll get it over to you ASAP. TY for being so patient with me!! –Maddie :)

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        Hi Maddie! Can I have the Luminorb Floor Lamp? My username is lovejoycc100. Thanks! ~lovejoycc100~

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        You have an academy school binder!!! Awesome! I really need two but I will gratefully take one. My UN is Agentequ! Thank you.

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        gnarled pumpkin table and european flare shades -pichubros2 thanks!

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      Hey Maddie! I would love a hay bale! User is Bubblon! Thanks, LT

    7. #826551


      Okay Lamb! I’ll send it along sometime today. Enjoy! –Maddie :)

    8. #826881


      Oh wait, Lamb–just a problem. Apparently the hay bale can’t be sent via kinzpost! The only way I can use them is either put them in a room or sell them to the Wshop. So sorry about that! If there’s anything else you need, just let me know. And, if you need any other app stuff, I’ll keep an eye out for them. Thanks! –Maddie :)

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      Hey Maddie! That’s fine. I thought you were talking about the one from jumble berry fields which can be sent. TTYL, Lamb

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