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    Hi I’m Looking for the Fresh Waterfalls (endanger item), Forest Archer Dress and the Vampiress Costume (dress,veil and shoes). What I have is a Tranquil Television (endanger Item),a few rare items and clothing (KinzStyle Outlet). If interested in one of them let me know. Please and Thank You

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      Markg97 here, I’m Closing this trading page but the offer is still good, fine me in the trading room. P.S. One of my pets is a fox.

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        I have some of those items add me to your friends and find me in the trading room i’m almost always on webkinz world so see you in the trading room soon. P.S. I want exlusive items and endangered items dosen’t really matter which one.

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          Hi mint., What your user name mine is Markg97 (same U.N. here) and what type of pet am I looking for in the trading room or do you like trading by Kinzpost Office? P.S. If you have a endanger pets item I would like the Fresh Waterfall.

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