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    I have 20,000 estore points for trade. I’m looking for priceless items. Serious offers only!

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      I have been looking for estore points! If you like these items tell me. I have the Googles Scrying Pond, Vortex Storage Unit, Eager Beaver Hard Hat, Enchanted Tiara, Antique Wishing Well, Webkinz Day Year 3 Photo and Trophy, a Garnet Birthstone Lamp, and a Three Wishes Genie Lamp. I look forward to doing business with you.

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        I have eager beaver too, unfortunately it can’t be traded/ sent via kinzpost

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      i have the amethyst tiara

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      i have popstar dress and a tiara

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      i have something!!! a beautiful crystal tiara!!!! do you want it???

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      Hey I don’t have any estore points but I really want some. I’m not sure if what I have to trade is priceless or not but I’ll post what I have. Spring blossom blazer, academy choir robe, diner waitress dress, golden solar belt, webkinz cares clock, and a factory box of chocolate. not sure if any of this is priceless but if you want to trade let me know.

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