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    Hey every one! I’m doing a favorite pet poll! Here is my list of pets! 1=Dachound. 2= Emerald dog. 3= Opal pup. 4=Dalmation 5=Yellow lab 6=Black lab 7=Chocolate lab 8=Cocoa lab 9=Free bunny webkinz from 2 years ago from the movie HOP 9=Cheeky dog (Older one) 10=Cheeky cat (older one) 11=Yorkie 12=Ribbon yorkie 13=Auqamarine dog 14=Protrugese water dog 15=Banana print monkey. My favorite is #5 the yellow lab!

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      Hey Anna! Thanks for coming to our house last night for new years!

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      YAY ANNA!

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      hey cousin Elizabeth, I choose number 11 = yorkie my total favorite! I have one named lilly. love her to death! love, anna p.s. im 11

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      Banana print monkey

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      Hi eberry12! :D Here’s my top ten list of pets. Some of them are pets I don’t have and they’re not in the order that I like them the most. ;) 1. Musical Dalmatian 2. Dalmatian( I made a fire station in my pet’s house for just it’s PSI ) 3. Welsh Corgi( I don’t want to brag, but I got mine online from England ) 4. Fox Terrier 5. Signature Bulldog( love it’s PSI a lot too :) ) 6. Samoyed Dog 7. Harmony Puppy( I named mine Amadeus after Mozart ) 8. Signature Polar Bear 9. Signature West Highland Terrier 10. Sock Monkey( I want one so much…LOL ) Have a Merry Christmas!!!~SC

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