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    Hi everyone! I am giving out some items for free! Please don’t forget to put your webkinz world username with the comment of the items you want so I can add you and send them!
    2 Winterfest pyjama pants
    2 snow globe hats
    2 Flowery print dresses
    7 springtime laced heels
    3 Blue bunny top hats
    5 springtime chic dresses
    3 Wild West dresses
    4 Charm fairy leggings
    6 Road trip yellow t-shirts
    5 road trip yellow hats
    3 Cave explorer shoes
    6 Road trip green hats
    3 mining helmets
    3 3D glasses
    2 Kinz pinz bowling shirts
    3 Magical forest pants
    7 Road trip purple t-shirts
    8 Road trip purple hats
    9 Charm fairy skirt
    5 Magic W face stickers
    1 face paint
    1 jumbo sunglasses
    3 charmed mushroom hats
    2 wheel of yum shirts
    2 rockinz mowhaks
    3 road trip blue t-shirts
    2 wheel of the month hat
    2 wheel of wow hats
    8 road trip red t-shirts
    3 road trip red hats
    2 Pink berets
    7 bramble circlets
    4 charm fairy shoes
    5 road trip pink t-shirts
    7 charm fairy tops
    4 bloomin’ coffee tables
    5 summer balloons
    15 blue striped chairs
    15 blue striped dining tables
    4 blue striped floor lamps
    3 blue striped toy boxes
    2 tangerine floor lamps
    2 tangerine dining tables
    2 zangoz chocolate fountains
    9 Nafaria posters
    4 Nafaria plushes
    5 Alyssa plushes
    2 cookie’s cookies
    2 chef gazpacho place settings

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      I’m vintagesandvich, IDK WHATS LEFT..but can I have a mining helmet and something else cute?

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      hi lamb tyler! do you still have the springtime laced heels left? if so could you send them to me? my UN is kaka2102. thanks!

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      Can I have a snow globe hat, 3D glasses, and a charmed mushroom hat please omg. My username is s20018!

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      Hi. May I please have The Nafaria Plush? Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :) My username is Jewelery6 :)

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        Hi, I sent you a request a long time ago and you never answered. So I can’t sent you anything. Maybe try sending me a request at Bubblon. LT

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      I am wondering if you still have the flowery print dress. I would really like that. My webkinz username is thila07, no caps. thanks!! —-chocolate19

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        I think I have some left. I will send you a request and check. LT

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