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    Hi everyone! I am giving out some items for free! Please don’t forget to put your webkinz world username with the comment of the items you want so I can add you and send them!
    2 Winterfest pyjama pants
    2 snow globe hats
    2 Flowery print dresses
    7 springtime laced heels
    3 Blue bunny top hats
    5 springtime chic dresses
    3 Wild West dresses
    4 Charm fairy leggings
    6 Road trip yellow t-shirts
    5 road trip yellow hats
    3 Cave explorer shoes
    6 Road trip green hats
    3 mining helmets
    3 3D glasses
    2 Kinz pinz bowling shirts
    3 Magical forest pants
    7 Road trip purple t-shirts
    8 Road trip purple hats
    9 Charm fairy skirt
    5 Magic W face stickers
    1 face paint
    1 jumbo sunglasses
    3 charmed mushroom hats
    2 wheel of yum shirts
    2 rockinz mowhaks
    3 road trip blue t-shirts
    2 wheel of the month hat
    2 wheel of wow hats
    8 road trip red t-shirts
    3 road trip red hats
    2 Pink berets
    7 bramble circlets
    4 charm fairy shoes
    5 road trip pink t-shirts
    7 charm fairy tops
    4 bloomin’ coffee tables
    5 summer balloons
    15 blue striped chairs
    15 blue striped dining tables
    4 blue striped floor lamps
    3 blue striped toy boxes
    2 tangerine floor lamps
    2 tangerine dining tables
    2 zangoz chocolate fountains
    9 Nafaria posters
    4 Nafaria plushes
    5 Alyssa plushes
    2 cookie’s cookies
    2 chef gazpacho place settings

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      Hello LT! I would like to ask for the Cave Explorer shoes. My user name is Madukayil if you would like to send. Thanks for all and any help! Your generosity is much appreciated. –Maddie

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      Can I please have a blue striped table, lamp, and toy box? THANKS!! you are the best! my user is the same as here!

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      um okay could i please have a pink beret, an alyssa and nafaria plush, a blooming coffee table, and if you haven’t given them away a flowery print dress? Thank you my UN is cuddlyfur1

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      OH WOW! I don’t have any of some of those items, and am really yearning!! If you still have them, I would love a charmed fairy skirt, top, and bramble circlet, please. Also would like Chef’s place settings, if that isn’t too much. Thank – You, for anything you may send. User name noonesfriend.

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      I’d like Alyssa Plush, Summer Balloons, and Bloomin’ Couch please. :) My user is the same as here. Thanks!

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