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    Ok so I decided to give out some FREE prizes! Ok so what I am going to do is I am going to put all of the user at you give me and I will choose one and I will send the prize to that person that I choose. The prize is going to be a SUPER BED! Actually the new wacky waffle bed! Good luck!

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      Hi, Neat Prize!! My username is v15d. Merry Christmas!!!

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      Oh yeah! MY USER IS Glitter1414

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      Haha I really need that bed! Sounds “Delicous”…….. Want to here a cheesy joke? NEVERMIND ITS TOO CHEESY!! Haha but wanna here a cheese joke? What do cheese say when they take pictures??? ‘SAY PEOPLE’ Haha! No KIssing up here just straight up “Cheesy” Humor! … AHAHA I AM ON FIRE! xd Merry Christmas! Hope this made you laugh! ~I know it made me laugh or do you think it is too cheesy? Okay okay i will stop with the cheesy thing! Lol ~Glitz~

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      My username is MistyPuppy17. Wish everyone luck doing this! :D

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      My username is FrankBolton. You are soooo kind i love people who are nice like you ! I don’t even care if i win i will still be grateful because you are soo nice. Bye !!!!!!

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