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    I have some things I can give away, just give me your username and I’ll see if I can send them to you.:) My username is S20018. {FOOD}- I have 627 foods so it’ll be easier to just ask lol. {CLOTHING}- Wheel of WOW Hat, Wheel of Yum Shirt(2), WKN Sensational Summer Shades, Wheel of the Month Hat, Magic Charm Good Fairy T-Shirt, Magic Charm Bad Fairy T-Shirt(2), Rainbow Spirals Tee, Princess Cloak, Turkey Hats(3), Get Cracking Top, Clown Wig(2), Gift Box Shoes(4), White Knight Costume Pants, Jellyfish Diving Top, Pink Punk Riot Dress, Blue Bandana, Rockinz Mohawk(2), Checkered Shirts(2), Jumbo Glasses(2), Pop Rock Princess Skirt(2), Patchwork Clothing(Shirts,Pants,Hats). Pirate Costume Eye Patch, Balloon Dart Hat(3), Face Paint(2), Green Dwarf Costume(Costume and Shoes) {COUPONS}- 20, 10 and 50% off W-Shop {OTHER}- Waffle’s Waffles(3), Crystal Vased Rose(Yellow, Red, Pink, White), Pop Art Carrots(2), Bulletin Board, Kitchen Towel Dispenser, Neon Saxophone Sign, Silverback Gorilla Party Poster, Breaking News Cocker Spaniel, Webkinz Windows(3), Haunted Paintings(3), Pretty in the City Paintings(6), Three Wishes Genie Lamp, Amazing Ant Farm(2), Medieval Torch(2), Dancing Zingoz(4), Cash Cow 2 Posters(2), Wax Fruit Bowl, Red Welcome Balloon(11), Green Welcome Balloon(8), Yellow Welcome Balloon(11), Blue Welcome Balloon(6), Zingoz Chocolate Fountain, 4-Wheel ATV, Bubble Wrap Chair(2), Antique Lam {TRADING} The only thing I look for in trading is clothing, because I don’t collect any furniture or stuff, because I don’t really use them to decorate my room. You can also ask for any of these things to just be gifted to you because I’d be happy to, but I might not have them anymore because I use them in the trading room. Sorry i say because a lot. {(I DON”T HAVE MANY VALUABLE ITEMS)} {FOOD}- Again just ask {CLOTHING}- Chef’s Hat, Princess Cloak, Pretty in Pink Skirt, Viking Helmet, Sunshine Swimsuit(Top and Bottoms), Dwarf Costume and Shoes, Chef’s Shirt, Sunny Day Swimsuit, Queen Mari’s Periwig, Bee Antennae, Bee Shoes, Superhero Shoes, Baker’s Hat, Winged Tee, Daredevil Jumpsuit, Pilgrim Top, Pilgrim Pants, Nick’s Belt, Glittering Silver Dress, Camo Tank Top, Fairy Tale Dress(Cinderella Dress), Lucky Leprechaun’s Hat, Spirit Squad Uniform, Freeworld Rocking Pants, Shimmering Gold Dress, Gleaming Gold Sandals, Puppy Patrol Shirt, Pop Rock Princess Skirt(2), Winterfest Hoodie, Stylish Ski Helmet, Candy Tank Top, Old School Jacket, Jumbo Glasses, Checkered Shirt(2) Red Hooded Dress, Spring Blossom Blazer, Red Riding Hood Shoes, Balloon Darts Zip-Up Hoodie(3), Crop Top Long Tee Combo(2), Birthday Cake Cap, Eager Beaver Hardhat, Fire Queen Robe(2), Camping Outfit, Bubble Wand Hat, Pixie’s Wings, Deluxe Headdress, Elegant Equestrian Jacket, Elegant Equestrian Helmet, Majestic Monocole, 3D Glasses, Tutti-Frutti Headdress, Argyle Sweater, Fishing Hat, Cleanup Kinz T-Shirt, Sweet Dreams Bathrobe, Pink Popstar Uniform, Superhero Outfit, Lucky Leprechaun’s Jacket, Designer Dress, Sunflower Bonnet, Sleeveless Hoodie, Rockerz Visor, Dog Bone Belt, Pixie Dress, Patriotic Top Hat, Flower Hair Clip, Pink Pony Sparkly Dress, Ladybug Costume, Ladybug Antennae, Ladybug Shoes, Pink Punk Riot Dress, Paint Can Cap, Stylish City Dress, Sleepwalking Hat, Zangoz Slippers(2), Twilight’s Ball Gown, Delightful Dining Dress, Masquerade Mask, Jellyfish Diving Top, Rockin’ Reindeer Sweater, Love Diva Pet Coat, Dunce Cap, Blue Floral Dress, KinzStyle Aqua High Belt, White Knight Costume Pants, Gift Box Shoes(4), Patriotic Tuxedo Jacket, Pink Bunny Slippers, Bunny Bow Hat, Rock Star Sunglasses(Shuts), Umbrella Hat(5), Clown Wig(2), Butterfly Fairy Dress, Superstar Sneakers, Pink Star Tank, Despicably Blue Overalls, I Heart Headband, Pumpkin Costume, Light Up Sneakers {PSI}- VIP Booth, Heated Hound Hot Tub, Ming Vase Panda Fridge, Clownfish Clown Car, Cave Bed, Lord of the Pond Throne, Secluded Spa, Day Outdoors Bathtub, Super Fluffy Sofa, Heart Warming Tub, Rockhopper Chopper, Peace and Loveseat, Hopping Drum Kit(2), Beachside Gazebo, Wilds of the Jungle Sofa(2), Golden Glide Water Slide, Sneaky Ice Cave, Googles Scrying Pond(2), Buried Bone Fridge, Shaggy Yorkie Couch, Rabbit Eared Television, Giant Gumball Wardrobe, Chic Wardrobe, Pot-O-Gold Safe, Cotton Candy Closet, Pretty Poodle Vanity(Psi?), Yarn Ball Sofa, Cukoo Cat Clock(Psi?), Beautiful Swan Mirror, Tailblazin’ Terrier Scooter, Pink Convertible, Tiger Stripe Convertible, Garnet Desk Chair, Garnet Desk, Autumn Paw Print Window, Plasma Peace Sign, Garnet Poster {OTHER}- Glass Table with Flower, Sweet Stuff Sofa(Retired RT), Ribbon Candy Chair(Retired RT), Friend 4 Ever Heart Chair(Retired RT), Dessert First Dining Table(Retired RT), Be Mine Heart Chair(Retired RT), Gumdrop Lamp(Retired RT), Sweet Dreams Bed(Retired RT), Dancing Toy Robot, Wooden Grandfather Clock, School House Desk, Football Jersey Decoration(Retired RT), Football Bed(Retired RT), Magical Meadow Bed, Zingoz Wind Spinner(10), Royal Cat Bed, Safe and Sound Mini-Locker, Chocolate Fountain, Egg Holder Loveseat, Webkinz News Newspaper Box, Blue Bean Bag Chair, Wacky Hot Air Balloon(2), Hover Sleigh, Giant Sandwich Table, King of the Garden Statue, Antique Lamp Post(2), Enchanted Garden Fountain, Masterful Wardrobe, Gas Pump(2), Football Television(Retired RT), Regal Banquet Dining Table, Spree Standee, Seaside Palace Sandcastle, Antique Wishing Well(2), Rocking Wardrobe, Imperial Urn, Kinzville Street Sign, Moon Rover(2), Mining Cart, Ancient Aztec Stone Statue(2), Golden Apple Tree, CampKinz Sign Swing, Rocket Ship Lounger(2), Hot Air Balloon, European Scooter, Magnificent Iwan Rest bed(Rare), Monkey & Monkey Dummy, Pretzel Window, Kinzville station train, Desert Window(3), Strike-a-posing Plant(2), Zingoz Bubble Blowers(2), Potted Ice Flower(2), Sweetie’s Sweets, Fresco’s Artwork, Santakinz’ Workshop Wide Window, Santakinz’ Workshop Wall Lantern, Ye Olde Roller Tapestry, Sparkler, Antqiue Fashion Mirror, Zangoz Chocolate Fountain, Pop Art Carrot(2), Farm Tractor, Royal Blue Jeweled Egg, Haunted Painting(3), Backyard Bubble Maker, Topsy Turvy Window, Medieval Torch(2), Three Wishes Genie Lamp, Cinnamon Stick House, Happily Ever After Cake, Tea Party Set, Pitcher of Lemonade, Gaggle of Googles Silkscreen, Crown’s Lineage Coat of Arms. Summer Balloons {PLUSH TOYS & SNOWGLOBES}- Snow Globe Chair, Kinzville Snow Globe, Mrs. Birdy Plush Toy(2), Yellow Chick Plushies(2), Dr. Quack Plush Toy, Quizzy Plush Toy(2), Ms. Cowaline Plush Toy, Tabby Von Meow Plush Toy(4), Goober Holiday Plush(tradeable?), Hamster Holiday Snow Globe, Snowflake’s Snowglobe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The things I’m looking for are any Indoor Christmas Trees, a turquoise ruffled skirt, hoodie, and flats, Cuddly Koala PSI (Just the slippers), and a Deluxe Monthly Gift, it was a black snow suit with Polka Dots on it, I don’t know the name. I’ll accept anything else if I like it, and that includes items besides clothing:) I’m sorry the list is so long and messy. My username is S20018 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *I’m also going to do a Christmas Giveout thing, I’m going to gift the exact same three items(to be fair) to everybody I can on Christmas, so if you want to be part of it give me your username saying so. I know it won’t be much but I thought It’ll be fun :P

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      Hey!! I was looking at you list a little more and noticed a few other things that I wanted. I would like the 1 Pretty in the City Painting, 1 Pink punk riot dress, 1 Blue Floral Dress, 1 Superstar Sneakers, 1 Princess Cloak, 1 Designer Dress, 1 Butterfly Fairy Dress, Dwarf Costume(Costume and Shoes). For Furniture stuff I would like Webkinz News Newspaper Box, Egg holder love seat, Antqiue Fashion Mirror, Royal blue bejeweled egg, Fresco’s Artwork, Santakinz’ Workshop Wide Window, Santakinz’ Workshop Wall Lantern, Backyard Bubble Maker, 2 Yellow Chick Plushies, Happily Ever After Cake, Seaside Palace Sandcastle, Yarn Ball Sofa, Magical Meadow Bed, and 1 blue beanbag chair. Thanks so much!!! I would also like to do the Christmas thing. ~Froggyis10

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      do you still have pants to give away? i could have an offer? [^._.^]ノ彡 :)

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      Hi! do you still have sleep walking hat?? I can send you something back my user is same here. HKLover628 :)

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      what would you like for the shuts? UN kaula4571, LMK what u want :-)

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      Hey there! I would like 1 Gas Pump, 1 European Scooter, 1 Wacky Hot Air Balloon, 1 hover sleigh… Thx… Friend me at, froggyis10 ~Froggyis10

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