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    Webkinz Gem Dogs are a popular series of in both Estores. I personally think that Webkinz should make a new type of gem pet for all the cat fans out there. Cats and Dogs are the most popular types of pets in the country. If they are to make Gem Dogs they should make Gem Cats for all the cat fans. I would think if they were made they would have the gem cars and would have a little different PSI items and would be the same price.

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      Gem Horses? I would also support that. There are many horse fans out there, and it is a popular animal in other countries as well as America.

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      I do think Webkinz is short on horses also. Horses would also be a good idea since it is a popular pet in this country. I would love to hear PSI Ideas for Gem Cats. Thanks for commenting! Have a great Christmas!

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        all over the world they are used throughout wars in thepast they are fearless……………………….. If they made them I WOULD FREAK

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      That would be a fantabulous idea! (Iwatch too much Liv and Maddie) I love cats they are so fluffy and cute! Horses would be great too! We need more horse webkinz.

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        Fantastalistic with a touch of winga ding ding. I may watch a tad to much bam what

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      Thanks everyone else loves the idea also thanks!

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      I totally agree! I love cats! It would be an awesome idea!

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