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    Webkinz Gem Dogs are a popular series of in both Estores. I personally think that Webkinz should make a new type of gem pet for all the cat fans out there. Cats and Dogs are the most popular types of pets in the country. If they are to make Gem Dogs they should make Gem Cats for all the cat fans. I would think if they were made they would have the gem cars and would have a little different PSI items and would be the same price.

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      Cool idea. I love cats!

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      I totes agree! The birthstone pets are my fav collection of pet ( them and the Candy Kinz). So if Ganz makes one of lambs and bunnies, I would totally die for them. (Lambs and Bunnies are my most fav animals)

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      Hmmmmm it could depend. Dinosaurs are sorta popular but Cats, Dogs, and Horses are some of Americas most popular pets. Dinosaurs are not as popular but it would be a cool idea,my comments are the same as yours thanks! Thanks N1.

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      what about gemstones dinosours?

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      Oh yes I might be updating this forum to the top of the page when it leaves the first page I might update it when it is on the third page in forums. I will be updating this forum about every day I hope. Thanks N1.

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