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    Just wanted to know if anyone has the Harmony Crane yet. The could for mine should arrive soon. If you do have what would did you name it. Or if you don’t have it what would you name it.

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      Hiya! I have a Harmony Crane her name is “Harmony Musicla” my BFF has one also named “Melody”. Don’t try the name “Harmony” because EVERYONE uses that name almost… I have some good names for one: “Harmony Musicla, Cranella, Melody, Melodious, Harmonica,” Hope ya chose one of these…LOL

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      I am getting the Harmony Crane soon with the 1 year deluxe membership..so I would probably name her “Zen”, “Peace”, “Harmony”, (probably Harmony..I think it suits her very well.) I can’t think of any other good names. Either way, I’m excited to get her since I’ve never had any promo deluxe pets like the ones that come with 1 year deluxe.

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