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    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to name my Colorsplash Tiger? Thanks!

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      Rainbow, Crayola, Crayon, Splash, Richard Parker, Christie, Savannah, Susan, Tigress, Tigaz, Skittles, Rose, Willy, Stripes, Lilian, Catherine, Katie, Chris, Katrina (Catrina), Katniss, Cleo, Sandra, Alyssa, Candice, Sierra, Sasha, Smoothie, Stripey, Calista, Maddie, Candy, Art, Leo, Crissie, Sally, Cat, Kat, KitKat, Starburst, Cathy. Hope this helps. (:

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      Girl: Iris, Skittles, Dahlia, Azalea ( flower that symbolizes passion), Jasmine, Juniper, Lily, Aurora ,Camile,Azura,Fiona Boy: Raphael/ Rafael, Picasso, Leonardo, Donatello, Arco, Felix, Louie/ Louis, Pascal, Francis,

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        Hey there! LOVE your UN. Is Josephine Daphne your real name? If so, love it!

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          ROSALITA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that name! Maybe Tanya, Jessica or Tyler! Maybe Laci, Brianna, Cheryl or Steven!

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          Thank you! But my UN is named after my 3 dogs xD I’m glad that you like it though!

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      Girl- Zoe, Candace, Chloe, Carrie, Caralina/Catalina. Boy- C/Karl, Aron, Eric, Eli, Benji. Hope this helps you in your decision! Friend me on WW too! True2MyWord1

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      I have a couple of ideas. For a girl you could name her Summer, Capri, or maybe Tammy. For a boy you could do Granger, Surf, or possibly Strider. Hope I was able to help. Have fun with your new tiger!

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      Girl: Nyurka (that was the name of a Female tiger who was kept in captivity to save her from poachers. pronounced Nie URK uh), Radiance, Gem, Multi-Dash, Rainbow (of course! xD), Delta, Betta, Alpha, Gamma (IDK why i have some Greek letters…. weird.), Boy: Mannie, Sasha (common boy name for Russia, also the name of a tiger cub found in a cave while the mother was out hunting for the night), Morris, and Chester. HOPE I COULD BE A HELP! -The Bengal Tiger- P.S. if you’re wondering how come i know so much ’bout tigers…. i watched the same documentary about them OVER AND OVER AND OVER. plus i read about them a lot and i am a HUGE fan. i want to help them some how when i grow up.

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