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    one day I was on webkinz at 8 in the morning and I went to the clubhouse and it said it was closed so I loged out and came back in went to the clubhouse again and all the sudden my screen went all black so I shut my computer down and rebooted it I did this all over and at the clubhouse it said my membership had expired.

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      The clubhouse has a BAD glitch sometimes and you cant always get in like you could two years ago and I have had that same issue don’t worry about it! Mine has sed the club house is currently closed and then it says username exsits. Because of your kinzchat cellphone. HOPE THIS HELPS BYE!!!!!!!!!!

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      Hmmm. Sorry, but I can’t help you!

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      OMGosh! That never happened to me. Thanks so much for the heads up-Atom

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      Also try entering the clubhouse at a different time of day if doesn’t work call Ganz.

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        Hope this info helped! N1

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      Hello I am from August from August’s Advice and it seems to be a glitch and it may be affecting your computer at the moment. If this keeps happening you should try contacting Ganz. I hope this info helps. “If it keeps happening contact Ganz because Webkinz has gave my computer a virus once.” Niberts1

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