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    Guess what! Its almost Christmas right? so i need a gift for my BFF but she has everything!!!! I need friendship stuff for rare clothing! But the problem is i am sooo poor so please ewply to this message if you have any friendship stuff and add me! My user on webkinz is Glitter1414 Thanks! :)

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      HEyitsglitz I have the plumpy glasses you have been wanting on my account! You asked me to be your friends this morning and I said YES so whenever you wanna trade Just get on ww

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      Hmm………..not sure……but, I was just wondering how you got so many free pets on your webkinz account. Could u tell me? Thx!~~~Misty900~~~

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      If you want a more inexpensive idea, but still really cool, I have this chocolate maker from adventure park. I’ll trade it to whoever wants it. Also I know like all the clothing machine recipes. I can trade you something from that. I still don’t know the rainbow tutu. ; ) ;)

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      I see :) I love to help you, but does your friend like PSI? I mean Just wondering! If You Want some things, I have some items that i preferably need. You can have them if you like for you and your friend :) Just LMK If I can Help, Im always here to Help people On WW :)

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        Hi, I am confused. You want to make new friends? Then you want your new friends to send you free “friendship” items so you can give to your bff? Is that right? If you bff is really your bff, she knows you don’t have rare or priceless clothing and would not expect you to send her any. I asked all my bffs for food as xmas gifts. The reason I did this is I really like my bffs. I would not want them trading or working too hard for my gift. It is the thought that counts, not the gift so much. Merry Christmas, DF,

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          Haha no no no i think you have it a little wrong ;) I Commented on the fourms to see if anyone could help to get my best friend a christmas gift but not for free….. I wanted to trade them stuff for some bff friendship stuff but i do not think she will want just some cupcakes…. So i am going to try and get her Ginger Bread Puppy psi! But that was very thoughtful about the whole food thing.. I MEAN WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THAT! Lol i hope my friends do not go too crazy for my gift like i am for them ;) but you are very right thought that counts! Thanks for replying maybe we can hang out in webkinz sometime ADD ME! User: Glitter1414 Thanks Happy Holidays!

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        Oh really thanks so much! I think she is really into the ginger bread puppy psi it is so hard to get! It is okay if you dont have it i really appeciate the thought! Maybe we can hangout sometime on Webkinz World add me! User: Glitter1414 Thanks! :)

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      I have bff cupcakes. on cupcake has a b and the other one has a f. I am willing to trade it. I wil add you as a friend later my username is the same as my name here. a great gift for your bff could be friendship necklaces!

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        Wow thanks for the thought! That might help but i think she really wants ginger bread puppy psi it is totally fine if you do not have it but i realllllly appreciate the thought! Thanks anyway! Maybe we can hangout on webkinz some time add me user: Glitter1414 Thanks and happy Holidays! PS. do not be mad i do not recognize you at first sight may have to remind me ;)

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