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    does anyone have extras for trade like the Furry Winter Hat, Snowflake Skirt, Sugar Plum Ballerina Dress, or White Sparkle Shoes? plmk :)

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      Hi Midnight. I have an extra pair of the white sparkle shoes I can send you. I was trying to use my few extras to get the Furry Winter Hat and the Holly Fairy clothes, but it just didn’t work out. So I will send the shoes to you. ~MORHB~

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        Hi Mom, thanks for the deluxe shoes. I am debating who to put them on. DF do you have any ideas for me. Maybe Aqua?-Atom

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          Hi Atom. No problem. You asked for deluxe clothing from Kinzstyle on another forum topic, so I will start getting those to you. I got the belts, and working on shoes. I will move onto pants next. Would you prefer more guy clothes, girl clothes, or does it not matter? ~MORHB~

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        morhb are you sure? thanks soo much :) plmk what u need in return :)

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          Yes, I’m sure. I only got 4 of the crackers, and got 3 pairs of those shoes, so no biggie. I was trying to use them for trading, but I never heard back from the other person. Oh well. Enjoy! ~MORHB~

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        HI Mom what are you missing? LMK MNM please tell your sis to keep her items, and NO PSIs please. Tell her to post what she likes, wants and needs, and I will send a few things to her, not everyday, but I will try to help. I well send you the dress, hat and skirt today, TTYL DF

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          thanks so much for the clothes! plmk what you need in return!!!!! i told her not to send you stuff but she wanted to send you a gift for the red dress and the stuff you helped me get her for Christmas. She said you do not have to get her anything but i know that she likes the holiday cracker clothes. she said thanks for all you sent :)

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            OK MNM, I’ll send some extras for her. I feel awful getting PSIs and I feel awful sending them back, it’s a losing situation for me. Tell your sis, thanks for the food and PSI, I am really good, so please keep your items, TY notes are the best. DF

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          Hi DF. I am looking for the Furry Winter Hat, Snowflake Skirt and the Holly Prince and Princess clothing. I only have the Princess crown. The boys would like the caveman outfit and “bug” would love the sugar plum fairy dress. If that is too much, don’t worry about it. I do have extra white sparkle shoes, pine cone decoration hat and glam diva skirt if you want me to send so you can gift them. Also looking for the Holiday Zangoz Gumball Machine and the Easter Zangoz Gumball Machine (if it’s sendable) I have a couple Promo to trade for them if I could just find them, lol. ~MORHB~

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            Oops. I think I listed the dress “bug” would like as the Sugar Plum Fairy dress and it is Sugar Plum Ballerina dress, lol. Sorry about that. ~MORHB~

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              Hi mom, i well send what I can, the Easter Zangoz is estore I think. All my Xmas gumball things are locked in room with those glitched toy boxes. I’m not sure what to do about that, seeing how half my rooms are called “promo” and the other half “storage” so just waiting for Ganz to fix that item. I already sent to MNM and few others, so let me see what I have left, TTYL DF

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      Hi MNM I will have extra real soon, did you get the red dress? I have been sending them, too bad they can’t be posted. TTYL DF

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        yes i think i sent a thankyou i sure hope so lol! thanks so much its really pretty :) my sister wanted told me to tell you her user is greenhorse77 i think she sent u a FR or something? lol plmk what you’d like to trade for them! ill try to post an updated tradelist when i have time :)

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          Oh wow, mystery solved. I didn’t know who that was, and she sent me some gifts and I was like “who are you”? I seldom say no to FR, I will send your sis a dress also. DF

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            lol what did she send you? she loves the dress and says TY sorry i didnt even know she added u

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