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    HEYA! This topic is run by Snowflake Pup Queen, ME! and Angelgirldog7. Post whats wrong and whatever other info you think may be nessacary. thank you! Autobiography; Hi! IDK why im adding this part, guess its kind of like, “Meet one of the peeps” so yeah. I love all animals, big and small, my favorite is the Tiger. When i grow up i would like to be a Narrator, HVAC technician, Vet, Animal Rescuer, or a vollenteer to help save the tigers in Russia. SPQ and Angel; if you can, can you please post your Autobiography? THank you! CC44

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      ok! and sorry, i will try to send a letter next time u send something! do u happen to have the country beds from the country theme that went deluxe? ~Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!!!!! ~Rin-Tin-Tin, Mr.ED, And Flipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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        Hey angel, It’s okay and to your question, No I forgot to buy it before it went deluxe by mistake, and Why if you don’t mine me asking? anyway See you around W.W.

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      markg97. hello! yes i got it thank u so much! are you deluxe? well hope we can talk more sometime! thanks again for the bed!

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        Hey angel, nice to talk to you again, I didn’t get a letter telling me that you received it, so I thought that I sent it to the wrong person by mistake, but I’m glad you got it. and to your question no i’m not deluxe. anyway See you around W.W.

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      I am Snowflakepupqueen the history of my user is from my love for my Snowflake Pup. Call me Snow, Snowflake, SPQ, Or SnowflakePupQueen. I love horse’s and my fave. book is black beauty. I am British but live in america so. I love Canada my friends on WN are Foxstar, Lamb, CC44, Sweetcupcake, KC, Ninja, and DG101. When I grow up I wanna be a lawyer, and have a side job of photography. I love videography, editing, photograph and so much more. I love the word technically and the quote, “I believe I can fly” I love ellie from Ice Age The Melt Down

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      Hi! i am angelgirldog7, but call me Angel for short! I love horses, dogs, and dolphins. my favorite horse show is either Mr.ED or Fury, favorite dog show is either Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin, and my favorite dolphin show is the original 1960″s Flipper! i have an awesome horse book that i can use for those who need help! it also has history of horses, tack, colors, movies, books, tv shows, websites, and other neat stuff! including a quiz on just how horse crazy you are! My username is angelgirldog7 so please friend me anytime! I am not sure what i want to be when i grow up. Maybe animal control, or something that has to do with police and animal cases! Well, i guess that is everything!!! ~Horses, Dogs, And Dolphins!!!!!

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        Hay Angel, Long time no talk, I just need to know if you have gotten the Bed. Please let me know and See you around W.W.

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      oopzz apperently SPQ already made a forum for this x( whoopsy!

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