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    Hi! :) I don’t want to brag, but I know 137 food recipes. ;) I found 80% of them online. If you’re wondering how to make one let me know. I might have it in my secret recipes notebook, but I don’t know every single one. And, no I’m not making a list, because it will take too much time. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      Hi ♪♫♥You♥Are♥As♥Sweet♥As♥Cupcakes♥Could♥Ever♥Be♥I♥Am♥Glad♥You♥Are♥My♥Friend♥You♥Teach♥Me♥Stuff♥That♥I♥Didn’t♥Know♥Before♥Thanks♥For♥Being♥A♥True♥Friend♥At♥Heart♥♫♪

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      Wow, that’s a lot. I only know ones from cook books. :)

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      I just want to know a few, I don’t care which ones! Thanks! Merry Christmas!

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        Hi bgos! Here are several recipes. :) 1. Betwinkled Strumble( sandwich maker ): apple,chicken noodle soup, honey. 2. Sweet Echocoa( blender ): chocolate bar, chocolate milk, lollipop. 3. Violalatte( blender ): green grapes, cheeses, croissant. 4. Gloprisma( blender )( I love this one ): apple, artichoke, blueberries. 5. Canoe Paddarole( stove ): asparagus, fish sticks, tacos. 6. Blastop Rocaket( stove ): chicken nuggets, orange pop, popcorn. 7. Rextexmex( stove ): chicken nuggets, coconut, nacho chips. 8. Symphoscone( stove )( this is my favorite one ), waffles, white rice, fudge. 9. Yummy tummy tumbler( blender ): farm-fresh cabbage, ginger ale, papaya. 10. Floridisa( stove ): fresh fries, kiwi fruit, orange. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      I know 164, not including the ones that you get from the cookbooks, or by clicking on the stoves and them giving you recipes. I’m not trying to brag either, just saying that if you need some help with something that you don’t know I may be able to help you out too. Maybe you know some that I don’t or visa versa.

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        Hi sophi400! That’s cool! Maybe if you want, you could help me on this forum? It’s up to you. :) Do you know a lot of mega stove or those exclusive stove in the clubhouse( I can’t remember what that’s called: it’s the one that uses recipes to make a recipe) recipes? Have a sweet day!~SC

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          Yeah that’s fine. I was hoping that you would take it that way. I wasn’t try to show you up or anything, I think that it’s great that you want to help others with recipes. I love collecting food and learning to make new food items. I just didn’t want to impose on your forum without permission. I like the Sunny Ice Cakes: stove: Cupcake, Ice Cream, Sunflower Seeds. Cinnamon Bun: Stove: Raisins, Milk, Bagel. Stuffed Leafy Melon: Stove: Salad, Watermelon, White Rice. I know 15 mega stove recipes, so not a lot of those.

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      Could you put up 6 of them please! Have a wonderful day & night, Merry Christmas! Blessings to all!

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