I need a name for my sparkle hamster! :)

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    Hi! I want to register my sparkle hamster, but I don’t know what to rename it. I was thinking of naming it Twinkle, or Twinkle Star, but I’m not sure. Have a sweet day!~sugar rush princess

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      Oohh! SeaStar is pretty i think!

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        Hi ValleyDweller!( BTW, I like your username. I dwell in a valley thats why. :) ) SeaStar is so cute!!! :D Except maybe I could give that name to an underwater pet? IDK Thank you for your suggestion and have a sweet day!~SC

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      I think shine or sparkles! I have a sparkle seahorse named sparkles!

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      how about hmm Madaline Tara Marine Alexandra Tammara

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      Hey, maybe I should name it Razzmatazz after the crayon color since it looks like the hamster. IDK, Hmmmmmm….I’ll think about it

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      My sister named her’s Cupcake.

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