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    Hi! I want to register my sparkle hamster, but I don’t know what to rename it. I was thinking of naming it Twinkle, or Twinkle Star, but I’m not sure. Have a sweet day!~sugar rush princess

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      Ooh I got some names! Sparkle, Glitter, Tinsel, Pinkie(Pinky), Cutie, Tiny, Princess, Magenta, Maggie, Fuchsia. Hope that these will help. :)

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      You can call her Stardust I named my Pink Pony that but it’s okay if you use it. :D

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        Hi Misty900 That’s really cute! :) Maybe that can be her middle name. Some of my pets have middle names thats why, but I don’t add it to their name online. Have a sweet day!~SC

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