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    I have the Diamond Piano but i would like to have the other birthstone PSI. would you please help me??? ~Texas Girl

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      I have the Amethyst bed and two gem cars. I’d prefer to trade the cars for some other cars, (Preferablly the Alexandrite gem car) and the bed for something I really ,really want.

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      Sure I’ll spread the word for you! Hope you get a good trade : D -Missy <3

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      Hiya! Do you need the peridot gem car? LMK if you need it, and feel free to send an FR to helloprettypanda on WW. Thanks, and have a great evening!! ~helloprettypanda~

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      i have maybe one or two semi rare stuff. and a few special clothing. ~John3:16

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      I have an extra Emerald TV for trade. Looking mainly for Estore or possibly Signature PSI. LMK if you’re interested, thanks.

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