i was wondering how i can get more than 500 moneyz a day

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    I was wondering how I could get more than 500 moneyz a day and don’t know how please help!!!

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      yea me too but i did not go on for a while and when i came back i got 2000 moneyz so i think that a trick????? also i got 500 or 1000 moneyz a day from spin and wheel its in the arcade and you could get moneyz or a item i never got a item never!!!!!!!!!!

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      Hello everyone! I was wondering how do you get Ganz Moneyz?

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        Ganz Moneyz is the currency in GanzWorld (the site you’re on right now). To get it, you can simply browse around the site; clicking an internal link or posting something on the forums will get you one Moneyz. Of course, there are easier ways to get large quantities of it; for example, clicking on a Floaty-Clicky will get you 83 Moneyz (albeit it can only be done once a day), and playing in the Gamz Arcade (which can be accessed via the top menu bar between “Contests” and “Mobile Apps”.) As originally stated, you can only earn 500 Moneyz a day, but if you go on a lot, it can add up quickly. Hope this helped!

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      You can’t unless it is Ganz Reward Doubles Week; some random week in summer. Then you can get 1,000 but until and if that happens again; like Mollyberger said.-Atom

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        I remembered that! That was awesome when we could get double points. :)

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          There were also like 20 new prizes then, most are gone now. :( -Atom

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        Cool I didn’t know that (I started in the fall of 2013) I hope they do it soon.

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      you cant . once you reach 500 ganz wont give out any more

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