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    I wish you could buy estore points with kinz cash P.S.Friend me my UN is SPOOFY7 & we can hang in kc+! _—–The Spoof—-

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      It would be fantastic if we could buy e-store points with our Kinzcash!

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      I disagree. That’s all.

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      I agree!!!!

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      I wish that everything Deluxe and e-store, could be for normal members!!! Allwordsaboute-store.

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      ME TOO. i see so many things that i want in the e store but cant get any of them because i dont have a credit card! most kids don’t!!!! thats why i think you should be able to buy them with with kinz cashi think that it would make webkinz 1000 times more fun. i think that should be the next thing that ganz should change

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        I don’t even go into the e-store because I see so much stuff I want but I can’t get. It makes me sad. :(

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