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    If you could make your own pet: What name would it have. What would it be. what color is it. Etc. Mine would be a Chi-weenie. It would be called that. It would have a Dachshund body, and a Chihuahua head. (Matching, of course.) Also, it would be black and tan, with highlights. And BIG perky ears! How about you?

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      a fallen leaves horse. Why? because autumn is my fave season and I LOVE horses

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      I would like a Blue/Gold/Black poison frog. It would be super soft and have a huge :) on it’s face! Also Tangerine Cheeky Cat and Golden Cheeky Dog are my other suggestions! -Atom

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        I love cheeky pets too!!! The golden one sounds cool!!!

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      I would make a glitter kitten! It would be pink and be filled with sparkles and super soft/fluffy! LOL!

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        A pet with sparkles sounds good. I like that idea.

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        That sounds awesome!!!!! I’m sure you’re a cat lover!!!! (I love all animals, especially cats!!)

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      I would make 3 headed gryphon. 3 dragon heads that shoots fire, ice and water and has the body of a dragon with wings.

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      I would have a volleyball dog. I love volleyball and dogs! perfect combo!

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