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    Hi everyone. I have started my psf collection, now that I have finally gotten which foods I have in order LOL. But to list all the ones I need would take way to long, so I am kind of going to be listing them by groups of pets. The first one I am doing is horses. I am hoping to finish off the whole list then move to the next group of pets.
    I would appreciate it if you could just go over the list and see if you have any of the pets and psf. My username is Bubblon so feel free to add me. Thanks and it’s much appreciated, Lamb

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      Hi Lamb. Sent a trio of Golden Pegasus PSFs. :) Greetings from Glow, my golden pegasus. Hope you enjoy!

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      Just sent you two Gemstone Sugar Cones and one Painted Pinto Bean Salad. :) Enjoy! But ummm…. isn’t your un Bobblon not Bubblon?~Wild Like A Wolf Pack Howlin’ At The Moon

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        Thanks a lot lilly! And yes my username is Bobblon, and a while ago I added you on that account. My main account is Bubblon, that is my second. Sorry for the confusion. LOL, LT

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      Hi LT. I’m interested in the Carousel Horse and Red and White Peppermint Unicorns PSF. Thanks for the offer. ~MORHB~

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        Ok, sorry Lamb, didn’t realize you were looking for these. I thought you were offering, lol. Anyway, I am sending the golden gyros and rosy alfalfa alfredo. ~mom~

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          Its ok mom, lots of people made the mistake lol. Thanks! LT

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        I realize your second comment might be about what I am talking about, but can I ask if there is something I wrote that makes it sound like I am giving these away? I really don’t want to sound rude, but that’s to people who though I was giving these away. LOL. Please let me know. Thanks mom, Lamb

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          I think the “now that I have finally gotten which food I have in order” and then the “hoping to finish off this group” part is what made me take it as you were offering. Guess I just need to read better. Not being rude, just wondering. Hope I helped. ~mom~

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            If you can find my PSF trading forum, I have what PSF’s I have to offer on there. If you see any you need, just leave me a list on my forum, and I will start sending. The easiest way I found to keep track of what I need and what I already got was to make a list in Word and save it to your computer. That way once you get a food you need, just delete that one from your list and save changes. You will see the list get smaller and smaller. That’s a good feeling, lol. Hope you get all your looking for. ~mom~

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              Thanks for the info mom! And I will look at your forum again. I do have a list cause other wise I would be completely lost in keeping track LOL. TTYL, LT

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      can i have one from each i can send from my collection post later got to clean my room XD staling

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        Sorry snowflake but these are the ones I am trying to collect LOL. But if you remind me your user I can send you the psf I have. LT

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            Ok Ill send you some of the ones I have! LT

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            Hey Snowflake I have a lot of foods on my cutie page- i think we are friends! If you look through Moms trading psf page you will see the ones I have. You can just send me a note on my trading room forum and I will send them to you ok? Thanks crissy135 #solvetheneontutu

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      Horse PSF list:
      - Black Friesian (Horseshoe Huckleberry hotcakes)
      - Brown Arabian (Horse d’oeuvres)
      - Carousel horse (Candied carousel corn dogs)
      - Celestial unicorn (Soaring star sorbet)
      - Golden Pegasus (Golden gyro)
      - Gypsy Vanner (Travelers trail mix)
      - Regular horse (Sweet clover cake)
      - Night mare (Red hot habaneros)
      - Pink pony (Rosy alfalfa alfredo)
      - Pinto (Painted pinto bean salad)
      - Rainbow Pegasus (Rainbow marshmallow kebab)
      - Red peppermint Unicorn (Red magic smoothie)
      - Ribbon Unicorn (Sparkle flower sandwich)
      - Rockers horse (Blueberry and blue grass cobbler)
      - Saphire Pegasus (Gemstone sugar cone)
      - Starry Stalion (starry snacks)
      - Tie dyed pony (Fruit oatmeal)
      - Unicorn (Sparkling flower fondue)
      - Virgo horse (zodiac pretzel)
      - White peppermint unicorn (White magic mint smoothie)
      So I would like to finish of this list then I will do some other pets and so on! LT

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        Hi lamb, I want to send horse food so bad. I like how you did this by pet type, this will be fun. I have four pets on your list not adopted yet, LOL I’ll work on that also. The bff has the xmas horses so I’ll ask for some of those. I don’t have tie dye, black friesian, or ribbon unicorn, rockers horse but have the rest. Whats the next animal? , LMK Birds are good. LOL TTYS DF

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          Yes thanks a lot for what you sent dogfish. And ya the rest of the PSF (the ones you said you didn’t have) I am mostly looking for in the trading room cause I think its easier. And the reason I am doing it this way is cause its the easiest for me to stay organized. Not exactly sure what I will do next, like I said in the posts I would like to finish the lists first then move on. I was considering doing birds, but there are quite a few. I told you in the clubhouse I might do gemstone pets and candykinz though. Super excited to see the psf from the candykinz, that will be fun! Lamb

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          lamb, i have black fresian & ribbon will send…jami

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        Hey! I think I can help with a few of the foods. I’ll send them ASAP.

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          Ok thanks, that would be great! LT

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        I have the rockers horse one, i’ll send it if you’d like :]

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          Hello nightowl! Thanks for the offer, but I no longer need the horse psf. If you go to the back of the forum, you can see the updated lists I need. Right now I am collecting dogs! Thanks, LT

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        Did you already get one from the Clydesdale? Or you forgot it? Either way, I’ve got some

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          Thanks for the offer but I don’t need the Clydesdale! LT

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      Oh, wait you just told me ur user!

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      Hey Atom. Congrats on getting all the Retired Exclusives, I would suggest getting all the current Exclusive so you don’t have to worried about them or at least the ones that are worth 10 coins cause those are the one that retired first. About the Wshop we all have the right to agree to disagree, I didn’t notice that the Full member items from the Starry Theme went deluxe (until you pointed out) though but I just don’t like how they mixed up Wshop items with E-store Items and how they have it categorize doesn’t help in trying to find something and I can’t find what’s on sale but that’s just me. oh and Thank You for your rare item I got a POTM for it so Thank You for it. I did hear that Gold song not bad I like it. Anyway See you around W.W. and P.S. If songs get stuck in your head do a medium level puzzle to help get it out of your head. Fun Fact

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      You’re very welcome! I like the new w-shop except for one thing, it doesn’t tell you how much money you have or how much you’ll have left. (also whenever I’m in the w-shop with my little koala, they make him look big, same with Adventure Park)

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      Wow! Mark that is a very good trade. Hope you like your new POTM item. I would love to see it. Which one is it and what does it do? Just curious. I have all the current exclusives and some more than one in my room so I don’t have to worry about those. Thanks for the info though. I agree with you I don’t like the jumble either, however the font is bigger and stuff so part good and part bad. At least we got free money to make up for the jumble right? Here’s a hint: to find the sale go to the Daily Activities tab and click the arrow and it should take you to it. If not you can find it in it’s associated section. Hope I helped you and I am glad you like Gold by Britt Nicole. I might be getting that CD soon. I am super excited!!!! Thanks for the tip. SYOWWVS Thanks for being a good friend Mark! P.S Did you watch Podkinz. I am mentioned in it!! -Atom

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      Hey Atom. I the POTM is the Dex Dangerous Telescope and if you click on it, it’s looks up into the Galaxy (If you have a Zodiac Pet’s Telescope it does the same thing although it looks at star consultation of the Sign). Not sure, I like E-store points ( I really like the Maid Marian (Full outfit and the Fashionista Fedora also) if it was 5,000 e-store points you might be able to buy something but I guess 2,000 e-store points are worth it. and where is the Associated Section I look for it and cannot find it? and cool that you are in a PodKinz I probably miss it the first time I was listening to it. Anyway See you around W.W.

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