lets solve the neon tutu!!! lets be the ones to solve it!

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    alright everyone! there have been a lot of forums trying to solve it but nobody has yet! lets try! on plumpys place she says: “its a punk -tacular blast from the past.” now lets figure this out! if you don’t have much money to try some combinations maybe try that forum that says earn 10,000 kinzcash in 10 days. then lets try it out and solve it!

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      I have a little over 2000 kinzcash, So if you guys have any ideas, let me know. Since the FFF are newer, they more than likely are not in it. I am thinking that the pink ruffled skirt is in it, along with the black vest. I am not sure about number 3 thought. Any ideas?

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      I’m sorry this is no clue, But I am wondering how people even know the rainbow tutu even exists. Besides the pictures from the YouTube videos how do we know? Did Webkinz owners tell us that there is just not the recipes or what? I just want to know. Thanks if anyone answers.

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        you can see a picture of it on kinzpedia . just search for it.

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      Just from looking at the neon tutu picture it looks like it uses the FFF and the Rockerz Pink Feather Skirt. But I cant seem to find the skirt in the kinzstyle outlet yet when i checked the kinzapedia to see the description of the skirt and if it was still in webkinz world or if it had been taken away and i found the skirt in the kinzapedia and it had no description BUT under the picture where it says status it says active… and it says that the release date was in 2012 so its still in webkinz world somewhere…. and im sure i saw it in the kinzstyle outlet before they changed the w shop and i think i had it at one time too (even though i dont have a webkinz rockerz pet)… so I think 2 things in the recipe are the Rockerz pink feather skirt and the FFF but I’m nit sure what the third thing could be…. PLEASE REPLY TO THIS COMMENT IF YOU FIND WHERE YOU CAN GET THE ROCKERZ PINK FEATHER SKIRT!!!

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      You noticed that scene in Frozen too, Zaney? :D Also, I have to agree, the tutu may be hard to solve, but we weren’t set up to fail every time. It’ll just take some time to solve. I think some 2009 items are still unsolved!

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      Try using the neon wig. It is a blast from the past and neon. Where is plumpy’s place?

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