lets solve the neon tutu!!! lets be the ones to solve it!

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    alright everyone! there have been a lot of forums trying to solve it but nobody has yet! lets try! on plumpys place she says: “its a punk -tacular blast from the past.” now lets figure this out! if you don’t have much money to try some combinations maybe try that forum that says earn 10,000 kinzcash in 10 days. then lets try it out and solve it!

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      great ideas kitty3119. It might be a while though till I have 3000. I am just saving up for a room theme. by the way what is your username on webkinz, I will friend you.

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      A commenter on a different forum said that the FFF are younger then the Neon Tutu. He said: “October 26th 2011 Floresent May 26th 2011 I know this because if you look them up in the kinzapedia you see those dates” I am thinking that maybe it is a combination between 3 clothes that you make. You know, 3 different recipes that are put together and then they would make it. It is a stretch, but it is worth a try! I can earn money pretty quickly, but if anyone else wants to try, great!

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      I think we should all reach atleast 3000KC and then each be assigned different things to try. That way we save much more money and time. Plus, it oculd be fun. Also, sell your patchwork clothes if they don’t work. :) Anyone want to try?

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