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    Hi, I’m,looking for the a Forest Archer Dress, a Stylish Snowsuit and a Stylish Ski Helmet. What I have is the Nutcracker Prince Jacket, Alyssa Starry Dress and the Glittery Evening Dress. Let me know what you would like to trade.

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      Hay mark here, I’m closing this post but the offer is still good and look for my new post Lets Trade in Webkinz Worlds Section.

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      Thank You for the offer mom. but do you still want to be W.W. friends?

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      I have the Forest Archer Dress. I would like your Glittery Evening Gown. Can you send me a friend request, same UN in WW as here. I prefer to send through Kinz Post, I hope that’s ok with you. If so, can you send first so I know I’m sending to the right person. Thanks.

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        Ok, looks like I was too late. Good luck finding the other items you are looking for.

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      Hi markg97 here, I got the Forest Archer Dress( traded it for the Nutcracker Prince Jacket), but I’m still looking for the Stylish Snowsuit and Stylish Ski Helmet. If you want any other clothes beside the the two dresses let me know and I might have them.

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