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    Hi everybody! I really LOVE anything GEM, so I really want a gemster. Any one of them! I have super beds for trade. Or if you want anything specific, then LMK. Thanks! Ice :-)

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      Hey icecooler86! I need gemsters too! I have tons of PSI though! I have the Sly slide, dressing room vanity, Cali coat closet, songbird stereo, Unstable Stable, Cell Phone sofa, patchwork sofa, Lap it up Pool, Flock watch tower, spotted sports car, Little lamb bed, witches brew bathtub, lucky horseshoe fireplace, garnet poster (actually the garnet poster is from a GEM pet but it is not the PSI it is a valued item), and the arctic window. Well LMK me if you are interested in anything!

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        Hey eberry12! After a few weeks with no reply on my forums so I don’t check on them very often, that’s why this reply is so very late ( BTW very sorry for that ). I have not gotten any gemsters yet, but I’m still looking. What would you like to trade for the spotted sports car, sly slide, and garnet poster? They are what I’m intersested in the most. LMK, Thanks! ~Ice

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