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    Hi all! I just wanted to update my wishlist/trading kind of things, because now I have different items I’m looking for, and newer things to trade. Here’s my trade list, which I hope will actually go through, and I will post my wish list and other trade list ASAP. Thanks!
    Black Chrome and Paw Stove (Black and White Cheeky Dog)
    Autumn Paw Print Window (Black Lab)
    Double Decker Bus (Old English Sheepdog)
    Lemonade Stand (Citrus Dragon)
    Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace (Clydesdale)
    Cool Pooch Pool Table (Rottweiler)
    Blueberry Fountain (Blufadoodle)
    Cool Cat String Swing (Sig Orange Tabby
    Chocolate Fountain (Mocha Pup)
    Rainforest Retreat (Sig Endangered Gorilla)
    Catnip Canopy Gazebo (Small Sig Grey Tabby Cat)
    Cloud Nine Window (Love Dino)
    Starlight Stable (Mystic Pony)
    Molten Meals Oven (Estore Fire Fawn)
    Green Spring Greenhouse (Estore Lil Green Piglet)
    Peridot Tables, Lamp (Gem PSI)
    Aquamarine Dresser (Gem PSI)
    Bottle of Hot Sauce
    Pink Sparkly Tutu
    Webkinz Wings
    Turquoise Hoodie
    Icing on the Cake Gazebo
    Enchanted Elven Pipe Organ
    Fun in the Sun Suit
    Licorice Dress
    Moonberry Greenhouse
    Invisible Car
    Colossal Movie Screen

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      I would like to have these items:
      Moonberry Greenhouse
      Invisible Car
      Enchanted Elven Pipe Organ
      Catnip Canopy Gazebo
      Green Spring Greenhouse

      These are some of the items that I have for trading:
      Time Machine
      Time Warp Clock
      Webkinz Day Countdown
      Wooden Horse Toy Box
      Saltwater Aqua Table
      Bumper Car
      Antique Wishing Well
      Antique Lamp Post

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      I’m interested in your lemonade stand. Any thing your looking for?

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      Hi maddie, i was just wondering if you would be willing to trade your gazebo for a candy dreamland dress. Lmk soon!

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      Hi Madukayil! I’m interested in the double decker bus and the pink sparkly tutu. I can’t wait to see your wish list! Have a sweet day!~SC

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        Hi Maddie! I started collecting PSI, and I am interested in a few off your list. I like the chocolate fountain, autumn window and the starlight stable. I also like your sparkly tutu and fun in the sun suit, but I probably won’t have anything good enough for the promo. You can check out my trade list again (Lamb’s trade list #4) and I will also wait for your wish list. Thanks, LT

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