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    tell me anything about you and i’ll match you to your perfect pet!

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      Hi! I <3 LOVE <3 to read. I love to reserch mythology and enjoy swimming. My fav color is green. I’m a tomboy. I’m homeschooled and a vegetarian. I love chocolate, peanut butter, and fruit. I am very funny and its very easy to make me laugh. I am very sarcastic too. Thanks

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        I’m homeschooled too!!! :D

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        hi chillylily, you would probably be a type of bunny! maybe marshmellow bunny! ps I love to read!!!!!

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        OMGOSH I’m homeschooled too!!!!! Can you add me on webkinz? I’m MistyPuppy17 and PLEASE SUBSRIBE!

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          Hi Misty900! I will certainly add you. My username is VBS123. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      Hi cats260! Since I responded to you on my forum, I’m responding to yours. :) Personality: kind, very shy, adventurous, brave, sensitive and emotional, energetic,hardworking,and I’m in-between being a girly girl and a tomboy. Favorite colors: pink, blue, purple, and too many others. Favorite animal: dogs: particularly bichon frises, wire coat fox terriers, corgis, and labs. Hobbies: Making movies on my computer, watching movies( even though I don’t get to watch a movie all the time because I’m always busy with school), Legos( I LOVE Legos), nano blocks, I love reading mystery and adventure books( I like to read Agatha Christie mysteries, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Adventures of Tintin), and I’m a classical pianist who really wants to play at Carnegie Hall someday. :) Favorite foods: Falafel, Swiss granola, nut clusters, Lasagna, Pasta, Pizza, Salad, fruit, coconut water, and I like to try new stuff as long as it’s NOT SOMETHING GROSS! :P Have a sweet day!~sugar rush princess PS: If you want to friend me, I’m VBS123 and princessofpiano88

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        Hi sweetcupcake16, you would be a rockerz cow or cat! I love mystery and adventure books too!

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          Thank you and have a sweet day!~sugar rush princess

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        hi savannah, your perfect pet would be a rockerz cow or fox!

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      I am a girl! I love the color blue. I am a tomboy! :D I LOVE FOOTBALL! My favorite teams are the Patriots, Broncos, and the Falcons. I love sports! I play soccer, I run, dressage, cheerleading, and basketball. I love the ocean and the mountains! I want to be a veterinarian and a photographer. :D ~Pats Fan

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        hi stealthstorm, your perfect pet would be a Dalmatian or a blue bunny!

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      I dont really need a match because i already know what mine is. Its a cat ! >^..^<

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