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    tell me anything about you and i’ll match you to your perfect pet!

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      Okay so basically me (grab a pillow and blanket and try not to drool on the keyboard) I am shy, kind, brave, smart, never about to clean my desk it’s clean for now, I love animals my favourite are horses, I love photography and videography, I love Reading, and love video games, and my fave book is black beauty (currently readingg it) fave game is supermario galaxy. Okay wake up *pours cup of water on* Okay so what am I ♥SnowflakePupQueen♥ GOOD DAY opps caps lock my bad

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        Hi snowflake pup queen, you would be the pink pony or the night mare! by the way I love the book black beauty!!!!!!!!! ~Cats260 :D

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          It’s good like the one I have I found at a thrift store for 75 cents a schoolastic classics. Fave charactor is ginger

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          OMG webkinz book club lets do it gonna put iin put in bye

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        also reorganising and my desk should be clean(er) now. By*Does webkinz stunt*

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        AAAH AAAH AAAH I LOVE SUPER MARIO!!! I have Super Mario Galaxy, too, and it is BEE-OOT-IFUL! My favorite game, though, is Super Paper Mario. If you haven’t played it, you should totally check it out! It’s on the Wii! Who’s your favorite Mario character? Mine are Fracktail (Super Paper Mario boss, you can Google him if you want) and Iggy Koopa (less obscure, but still not very well-known outside of gaming circles. He’s one of Bowser’s kids!). :D

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      friendly, active , love animals, creative, one of a kind, red, blue

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        Hi Horsegirl1234, you would be the patch puppy or the texting pup! ~Cats260 :D

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      no i wouldnt want a riding horse…. i want a Mastiff dog or St. bernard or….. OOH! OOH! i want a Bermese mountain dog!!!!!!

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        Good choices pantheratigristigri, But maybe A ginger cat too! ~Cats260 :D

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      I Am a girl, i LOOOOOOVEEEE tigers. i’m homeschool and i like to think my self as a tomboy. i like red and black, playing outside, and my favorite webkinz is the tiger (original). i’m mostly vegetarian, kind of….. i try to be……. i’ve started webkinz in july 2007 and i love it! if i could have a pet it would be a riding horse. ~The Bengal Tiger~

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        you WOULD be a Bengal tiger or a black paint horse! ~cats260 :D

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      Hi! I’m all about being and Artist and adventurous. I love to read exciting books with adventures and mysterious! My favorite animal is a red wolf. I love the color red, and, I like to be funny! Also, any way you can add me? I’m Shadowpaw2kinz! :)

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        I think you would be the striped cheeky cat, the swirly curly unicorn or the Dire Wolf! ~Cats260 :D

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        hi shadowpaw, you would be the red fox or cheeky cat ~ Cats269 :D

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