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    Want to see which hamster your most like? First answer these questions and I will give you your results as fast as I can. The questions are: What are your favorite things to do? What kind of personality do you have? What are your likes and dislikes? Lastly, are you a boy or a girl? That’s all hope you’ll particiapate :D

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      1) Ride my horse, be at the barn, Webkinz, draw, play with my guinea pig, be around animals! 2) Funny, outgoing, friends with everyone, kind, caring, competitive in sports, teacher’s pet…lol! Smart, loving, kinda shy towards new people! 3) I like all animals, I dislike most foods, most candy, I DISLIKE BUGS!!!! Bleck! I dislike seeing sick people or people that need medical help or attention (It makes me sad!) 4) I am a girl!!!!!!!! ~Dressage Queen, The Horse Fanatic

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