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    Trade List:
    Mrs. Santakinz Dress
    Toothy Bunny Mask
    Movie Star White Dress
    Forest Archer Dress
    Crafty Fairy’s Cloak
    Ghost Pirate’s Hat
    Pretty Poodle Vanity
    Lucky Horseshoe Fireplace
    Sunny Savanna Oasis
    Budgie Striped Sofa
    Googles Scrying Pond
    Wacky Eucalyptus Tv
    Harmonious Hammock
    Hidden Hot Springs
    Beautiful Blush Treadmill
    Tree Frog Trampoline
    True Blue Birdbath
    Pink and White Scratching Post Chair
    Rabbit Eared Television
    Relaxing Rocky Sauna
    Daredevil Bed
    Monster Under the Bed
    Caring and Sharing Television
    Webkinz Cares Painting
    Classic Christmas Tree
    Hover Sleigh
    Heart Warming Holiday Wreath
    Over Stuffed Stocking
    Glittering Gem Tree
    Grand Christmas Tree
    Christmas Treat Coffee Table
    Santakinz Side Table
    Santakinz Helper Stool
    Arte Holiday Plush
    Gargoyle Sofa
    Spooky Spiderweb
    Giant Spiderweb
    Freaky Full Moon Window
    Frightening Lightning Window
    Witch’s Banquet Place Setting
    Jack O Lantern Candelabra
    Jellybean Wreath
    Candy Eggs Picnic Basket

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      Trade List 2:
      Sparkle Plant
      Vortex Storage Unit
      Enchanted Garden Fountain
      Twister in a Pot
      Zingoz Bubble Blower
      Antique Wishing Well
      Riding the Rails Train
      Webkinz W Pond
      Golf Cart
      Double Decker Bus
      Swan Boat Car
      Island ATV
      4 Wheel ATV
      Propeller Plane
      Running Shoe Racer
      Toy Humvee SUV
      Touring Van
      Goobers Lab
      Cash Cow
      Eager Beaver Adventure Park
      Webkinz DayYear 5
      Webkinz Day Year 6
      Webkinz Day Year 7
      Webkinz Day Year 5 Group Print
      Webkinz Day Year 6 Group Print
      Webkinz Day Year 7 Group Print
      Ancient Bronze Fairy Shield
      Alyssa Plush
      Male Fairy Plush
      King Fish Floppy Plush
      Roberta Bobblehead Toy
      Salley Cat Bobblehead Toy
      Sparky Bobblehead Toy
      Cowabelle Bobblehead Toy
      Dolphin Balancing Toy
      Cloudy Scroll Display
      Shipwreck in a Bottle
      Ghost Pirate Plush
      Boris Plush Toy
      Rafi Plush Toy
      Robot Flower
      Happy Pirates Portrait
      Dragon’s Fire Candelabra
      Beanstalk Climbing Tree
      Winterfest Window
      Light Up Snowman
      PressedLeaf Collage
      Autumn Tree Globe
      Enchanted Elven Pipe Organ
      Rainbow Fountain of Wow

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      Wish List:
      Series 1 –
      Chinese checkers side table
      Series 4-
      Dex dangerous suit top, bottoms and visor
      Giant venus flytrap
      Blooming dandelion
      Kinzville cuckoo clock
      Rocky shores lighthouse
      Volcanic geyser
      Vibrant green mauna loa lamp
      Violet volcano lamp
      Mauna loa lamp
      Gingerbread Elf (Arthur Christmas movie promo)
      Maple leaf sweater (fall fest)
      Snowy blue toque (winterfest)
      Winterfest parka (winterfest)
      Snowflake rug (winterfest)
      Corn Husk Doll (Fall Fest)
      Pumpkin Soup (fall fest)
      Fabled top hat (mirror, mirror)
      Glass of eggnog (clubhouse party)
      Moonberry magic cake (clubhouse party)
      Piece of black forest space cake (clubhouse party)
      Piece of cheerleader cheesecake (clubhouse party)
      Piece of clown cake (clubhouse party)
      Piece of chocolate (clubhouse party)
      Sinister sippy
      Pumpkin cupcake
      Spiderweb gum
      Moonberry pantry X3
      Moonberry greenhouse
      Swirling leaf tiara
      Charm forest rune stone
      Fancy forest dress
      Romantic dining table
      Apple clock
      Goobers big book of science
      Blue Flowery Greenhouse
      Medival bear tapestry

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        Thanks for trading everyone. From this list I no longer need Romantic dining table, sinister sippy, winterfest parka and snowy blue toque. ~MORHB~

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      Heyz!!!!!! I am interested in your Mrs.santa kinz dress, Forest archer dress and your Movie star white dress! PLMK what you want to trade for it and hopefully i have it :) ~~Melody Dalmation

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        Hi. I have two wish lists posted here. If you don’t see anything you have that I am looking for, just make a list of what you want to offer. I’m sure we can work something out. Thanks ~MORHB~

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      im intrested in the mrs. santa kinz dress and thechristmas holiday i can look to see what i have lmk what your looking for i dont trade psi just so you know but i do have one i got in trading same with superbeds except for one so just lmk

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        Hi. I have two wish lists posted here. If you don’t see anything you have that I am looking for, just make a list of what you want to offer. Thanks ~MORHB~

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      Hi mom, can you hold the budgie sofa and pink/white scratching post please, I could use those two for decorating. I will trade a mystery bag items for both. TTYL DF

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        Hey mom! From your list I am interested in the Webkinz Cares Painting, Classic Christmas Tree, Heart Warming Holiday Wreath and the Gargoyle Sofa. I posted a new list as well so if you could take a look at that it would be greatly appreciated. If there’s anything you like I don’t mind doing the values just let me know! P.S. To dogfish: this is a little embarrassing to say, but ever since I bought all of the themes in hopes that I would get the mystery retiring one, I have been a little low on kinzcash. I don’t supposed you have any I could sell do you? LOL. Thanks a bunch, Lamb

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          ROFL!!!! TY for the great laugh, DF

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            Your welcome lol. And mom I from what you need I have the snowy blue toque which is quite valuable I believe. I also like the Beanstalk Climbing Tree and the Cloudy Scroll Display. Let me know what you like of my wish list and then I can look at values. Thanks, LT

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              hey Lamb please remind me later, I have a full plate (of sending today). DF

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              Well you sent them so thanks a lot. It really helped. LOL. LT

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              Hi Lamb this is what I came up with for the Snowy Blue Toque. It will be the Classic Christmas Tree and one of the following (just put 1, 2 or 3 for your choice) #1 – Heart Warming Holiday Wreath, #2 – Bean Stalk Tree, or #3 – Webkinz Cares Painting and Cloudy Scroll Display. LMK which offer you want with the tree. ~mom~

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              Hey Mom! For the hat I think I will go with choice 2 please! And thanks, that was nice of you to do the values. But please save the other items, I will look at your wish lists again and if you can look at my trade list (maybe for psi) that would be great. Thanks, Lamb

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          What Types Of Super Beds?

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        Which account do you want them sent to? ~mom~

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      Mom, anywhere is ok. Hope you still needed what I sent, if no JLMK and I’ll replace it. DF

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      DF- That works for me. Thanks again. ~mom~

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      Hi mom, I need to talk to you LMK when you can go to the CH. DF

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      Ok I will send note when I sign in. ~mom~

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      Hi mom, can you check out what I sent so far and maybe make a list of what is missing. I have a few more in the dock, and you may get duplicates. JLMK DF

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      DF – These are what they still need. Kids Theme – dining table, side table, sofa and stove. Space Theme – two space chairs, coffee table, jukebox, side table, desk and dining chair. Not sure if you have the retired items, but if you do and are willing to share they would like the dresser, earth table and over the moon lamp. Also if you have any of the dogs theme we are looking for the doghouse bed, dog lamp, lounger and coffee table. Thanks for all you’ve sent. You can send to their account too, redheadboys02, if it helps get the stuff sent faster. I think they are friends with your 91 account only though. ~mom~

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      Mom and DF- I will send the dog bed and two lamps because that is easy for me:) Also, Mom do you want some fairy clothes to use for trades- I have some I can send you jlmk…..crissy135

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      Mom Oh wow, I thought I sent a lot of that list already. Need to check all my docks. I was thinking the kids theme was done. I have the dog chairs in the dock, I think and lamps. I don’t have extra moon lamp and earth table, it took me years to get those items. I have just one of each. I was lucky enough to get a dresser in the CH years ago. I didn’t send a dog house bed?? Oh my. DF

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      Hi mom, I have the space desk, but that is all. I checked all my accounts and everything I pulled out rooms is gone. I thought I sent all kids theme except side table, please double check, if not , I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it in the curio shop. I found the sink just the other day. you should have enough to start rooms, I’ll send more if I get any, DF

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      I do have a doghouse bed. I just overlooked it in my dock. Sorry about that. ~mom~

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      Sorry to confuse you DF. I did find the kids dining table, stove and sofa. I sent to my little niece by accident instead of the boys. ~mom~ PS. My nieces sitter sent the boys a bunch of space items too. So we are covered on those. Thanks!

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      Sorry to ask for even more items DF (or anyone else who sees this), but do you happen to have a brown elm tree, any tiki torches from VI or the leaf piles from fall fest? I only need the one tree to complete my yard, but I need 6 to 8 leaf piles and 4 or 5 tiki torches. If not, don’t worry about it, I will find them eventually. Thanks for all you do. ~mom~

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      Hello DF! Just wondering, was it you who sent me the package through kinzpost the other day? I really have no idea who it is, but the name of the account just reminded me of you for some reason, lol. If it wasn’t you, I’m sorry: never mind! MORHB: sorry to use your forum for this: I hope you don’t mind! –Maddie :)

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      Thanks crissy!

    20. #819058

      No problem Maddie. I don’t mind others using my forums to contact friends. ~MORHB~

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