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    why won’t one of my rooms let me in? How do i get in that room?

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      Say the rooms at the top your house,or somewhere else.You cannot see the rooms square.Click the closest room.Then the real room.It works better that way then scrolling/.

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      Some people are having this problem from having too many items in a room, or from a pet glitch. If using the map, or actually walking through the door does not help, go to the Webkinz World log in page and click on Customer Service at the bottom. Then click on the I Have Something Stuck tab. Then at the bottom there is My room freezes….click on that and fill out the form. It may take a day, it may take a week, but eventually someone from Ganz will remove all the items from that room and put them in you dock. You should be able to use the room and any pets in it after that. Good Luck! ~MORHB~

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      Normally you just have to walk through your house. Sometimes mine does that. I just walk through one room, and it lets me go from the map. Hope this makes sense and works!!

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