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    Ok, now that they are allowing us to name our rooms anything we want, what words have you tried using that are not allowed.

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      i’ve tried just about every word known to webkinz-kind. well, at least all that i know ;)

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      Not good dogfish. I know they say “clearing cache and cookies works” but it does not in all cases. If I play on FF I can’t see my pets health, happiness and hunger numbers. Hope you get it fixed soon. For some reason they removed the words I had listed that I couldn’t use. I won’t be on much this weekend, trying to get my garden up and ready to plant by monday. Have a great weekend.

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        Hi mom, it all works now and I’m so excited. well, except my farm, but I think those new seeds are glitched. I’m sure all my plants are dead by now. Naming the rooms really helps with storage rooms, seeing how we can name a room “rares” or “slides” and so on. Hoping this makes my life easier. LOL TTYL DF

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      Hey, mom, my answer is all words. LOL it doesn’t work and my farm is locked again. Hope you are having better luck, DF

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